WRAP New year’s day plunge into River Tiber ADDS Netherlands

(1 Jan 2009) SHOTLIST
Rome, Italy
1. Wide of Tiber river with boat and St Peter’s Basilica in the background
2. Wide of Cavour bridge with people gathering to watch
3. Tracking fire fighters in rubber dinghy on river Tiber
4. Close-up residue floating down river
5. Mid of onlookers waiting for dive with umbrellas
6. Top shot of people gathered on river bank
7. Diver, Maurizio Pampulli, known as “Tarzan” in swimming costume arriving on the back of a trailer being pulled by a man on a bike
8. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Maurizio Pampulli, Diver known as “Tarzan”:
“You see, this year we want to dedicate this dive to the woman who died at Monterotondo and to the Irish boy who died at the Tiberina Island. This is the Tiber, some love it, some hate it, but you’ve got to respect it, because this is a great river, you understand?”
9. Mid of emergency crews in a rubber dinghy on river, getting ready to monitor the dives
10. Mid of Pampulli climbing onto edge of bridge waving to the cheers of the crowd, then performing a flip dive
11. Pampulli in river, waving, being pulled towards boat
12. Another man diving in the river
13. Mid of diver swimming to dinghy
14. Pan right onlookers applauding
15. Close up on divers and emergency crews in rubber dinghy
Scheveningen, Netherlands
16. Wide of people at the beach
17. Close up people dancing
18. Various close ups of people dancing
19. Various of people preparing for the plunge
20. Various of plungers are running to the sea
21. Various of plungers getting into the sea
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Dutch girls: “It’s cold but good, Happy New Year!!!”
23. SOUNDBITE (English) Dutch couple:
(Man) “It’s great expectation, spectacle.” (Woman) “You see all these people, everyone is doing it, everyone is loving it. It’s our 4th and 5th time. You get addicted.”
24. Various of people in the sea
Four men took part in Rome’s traditional New Year’s dive into the Tiber river on Thursday, watched by dozens of spectators who braved rainy, foggy conditions to witness the spectacle.
Diver Maurizio Pampulli, known as “Tarzan” and three other daring divers jumped off the Cavour bridge into the murky river at midday (1100 GMT), with emergency crews monitoring the muddy waters for any mishap.
Each year, Pampulli arrives to take the plunge in his Tarzan outfit and Thursday marked his 21st dive.
56-year old Pampulli, a Roman who works as a life guard in the Castelfusano sea area near Rome, dedicated his dive to the victims of the recent Tiber floods caused by days of bad weather in December.
Meanwhile in the Netherlands, a record 21-thousand participants in forty-eight locations across the country, took part in the traditional New Year’s plunge into the North Sea.
6500 of them gathered in Scheveningen, about 10 kilometres west of The Hague, braving temperatures of -4 Celsius as they ran in swimsuits into the icy water.
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