WRAP Immigrants arriving with coast guard boats; departing from port

(20 Apr 2009) SHOTLIST
1. Wide of ship approaching Porto Empedocle port
2. Pan from dock to approaching ship
3. Wide of dock, zoom in to approaching ship
4. Zoom in to ship
5. Tilt up from name of ship on side “La Malfa” to group of men sitting on deck with towels round their heads
6. Mid of group of men, pull out an pan to wider shot of ship showing sailors and more migrants sitting together in a group
7. Various shots of migrants sitting in groups on ship, sailors at work
8. Various close-up shots of migrants
9. Mid shot of group, zoom in to tighter shot
10. Close-up of man, head down, shivering
11. Wide of port, pan to migrants aboard ship
12. Italian authorities taking man to join group of migrants waiting to disembark from ship
13. Police lined up on both sides of dock as migrants are escorted to coach
14. Migrants inside coach, seen through windscreen, man entering
15. Another man wrapped in a blanket being helped off the ship and led towards coach
16. Close-up of migrants sitting in coach with head wrapped in white towel, zoom into tighter shot – viewed through coach window
17. Various of coach leaving
Italian authorities escorted ashore more than 100 migrants on Monday who had been stranded for days aboard a cargo ship in the Mediterranean.
The Turkish ship, the Pinar, had been the subject of a standoff between Italy and Malta over who should take in the 140 migrants.
On Sunday, Italy said that, for humanitarian reasons, it would allow the migrants to land.
The migrants were taken by Italian military boats to Porto Empedocle in Sicily – first a group of 30, then the remaining 90.
Twenty more who were ailing, as well as a pregnant woman, had been taken to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa late on Sunday, local port authorities said.
Officials from the Porto Empedocle port authority said the migrants would be identified and moved to immigrant shelters elsewhere in Sicily.
The migrants were reported in good condition.
TV footage showed them getting off the Italian military ships, aided in some cases by the Italians.
Some had towels on their heads.
Authorities have not given the migrants’ nationalities.
On Thursday, the 230-foot (70-metre) Pinar rescued the migrants after the two small boats in which they were travelling began to founder.
During the standoff, the Pinar was anchored about 25 miles (40 kilometres) southwest of Lampedusa.
Malta insisted the Pinar take the migrants to Lampedusa because that was the nearest port.
Italy contended Malta should accept them because the ship was in Malta’s search and rescue area.
A statement Sunday by the Italian Foreign Ministry said Italy had agreed to take them in solely because of the “humanitarian emergency” aboard the cargo ship, and that its decision was not a recognition of Malta’s reasons for refusing the migrants.

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