2018 Manila-Frigates, submarines for the island nation,
2018 manilla – Frigates, submarines para sa ating bansa ng isla
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The Law Modernization of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), RA 7898, was adopted on February 23, 1995, during the administration of President Fidel v. Ramos, with budget R50 billion within 15 years. The funding was stopped after the financial crisis of Asia in 1997 and left the Administration program until it expires in 2010.

A new AFP Modernization Act, RA 10349, adopted on December 11, 2012, during the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, with budget R75 billion for the first five years of a 15-year program. Under the new program that earned the Philippines the new airplane, helicopter, warship, the armored personnel carriers, rocket launchers and radio, and weapons and ammunition.

The hearing of the Senate getting four frigates from South Korea for P18 billion was held last week, particularly the charges that the Special Assistant to the President Christopher Go is trying to influence the deal. He denied the accusations, pointing out that the deal was completed during the Aquino administration.

During the hearing, said Rear Admiral Robert Empedrad, flag-office-in-command of the Philippine Navy, the four battleships is only part of the plan for the Philippine Navy. The PN, she says, requires six more war as armed missiles, in the next ten years.
Earlier in the hearing of the Senate, asked by Admiral Empedrad that country may have its own fleet of the submarine, he said, the future of war navy. The submarine, he said, the Philippines will have respect for other Nations and navies.

But the country is an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands with some essels in the Philippine Navy to patrol the waters in and around the country.

Even before the Ramos administration, this country is planned by a modernization of the armed forces, but economic issues have delayed its implementation. Now, 23 years later, under the administration of Duterte, we will move to implement the program, which must compete with other government programs in education, infrastructure, economic development, etc.

But finally we perform the program, getting the most important things we need, such as weapons for the Army, airplanes for the Air Force, and the warship for the Navy. As for the submarine, they do not have any programs covered by the AFP Modernization Act of 2012 that we implement now.

But the idea is worth more study and consideration, as part of plans for a stronger Navy for our island nation. As Admiral Empedrad, the submarine is the future of the Navy. More importantly, they will inspire more respect from other nations which now tend to come down to our ability to defend ourselves.

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