Woodward: Not Deploying Aircraft Carrier Because Of Sequester Is ‘Madness’

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25 thoughts on “Woodward: Not Deploying Aircraft Carrier Because Of Sequester Is ‘Madness’

  1. You obviously don't understand the meaning of the word "ironic" 🙂 You might want to look it up before you continue to make an ass of yourself…

  2. Yeah media reports from the "radical left MSNBC and CNN media" who spew disinformation and subjectivity 24/7. That sort of media I don't want to pay attention to because even Bin laden said in a letter to a friend of hes "we need these liberal newsstations to spread our agenda" and he even praised "Keith Olberman" in that letter. The Pentagon has said this, it was reported in the "The Guardian news paper".

    Oh man you are so ironic.

  3. Look you stupid fuck. Don't blame me for the apparent fact that you are ignorant of the events in Afghanistan prior to the Iraq invasion, and for the fact that you lack the intellectual integrity to educate yourself. I don't know if you lived in a hole in the ground then or what, but there were numerous media reports about the situation. Stop being lazy and better yourself. It's a high sign that someone has lost a debate when they attempt to change the subject.

  4. Looks like we have a top military expert over here everybody look what "kaysandesses" has to say,because he is the expert in guerrilla warfare and counter terrorism WOW! (sarcasm).

    Seriously kay, you don't know jack shit what you are saying. Even during Clinton in 1998 a special forces team had Bin Laden on the scope, that same pro jihadi appeaser "Brennan" ordered that team not to take out him right at that moment.Then 3 years later disaster struck.

    Clinton and Bush should had fiered Brennan.

  5. You can say it all you want…You're still wrong. And when your one source is quite obviously very biased and hasn't had access to the pertinent information in 6 years it just makes you look foolish. Bush justice department created the legal justification for torture. Obama's first executive order overturned this legal justificaton. Yet you defend Bush and blame Obama for the program, genius!

  6. Seriously? Yes, failings in Afghanistan. If Bush Co. would have given the generals on the ground what they requested then the job there could have been done 10 years ago. Try doing a little reading sometime instead of simply exposing your ignorance to the entire internet.

  7. "Drones were not used back then. "

    Oh yes they were. Regardless, did you ever notice that the radical fundamentalists in Iraq only gained some power after Bush Co. booted Saddam? Saddam was a real bastard but he kept the violent religious shitbags in check because he didn't tolerate them. It worked, and unfortunately was often brutal. However, we're not the world's policeman, and hundreds of thousands of civilians died as a result of our intervention in Iraq due to destabilization.

  8. Man you clearly still think inside the box and not out. Waterboarding never stopped, how many times do I have to tell you that? Obama even expanded the Patriot act, signed the NDAA(wich is even more extreme than the Patriot act and something Bush never signed).

    Waterboarding is still being used. After Rodriguez confronted Pelosi with that she was all silent and too shy to say something back and couldn't debunk hes fact.

  9. Failings in Afghanistan? Man you clearly are ingorant. US and NATO led special forces teams together with the Afghan Northern Allience smashed the Taliban from power in within 6 months, chased them out of the centre of the country and the Taliban was forced to hide in the mountains. Then a Delta Force and SAS team located Bin Laden in Tora Bora, John Brennan ordered these teams to hold back the assault for a day and Bin Laden got away. What failure you dumbass? In 2002 Karzai became president.

  10. "bombed the living hell of Bagdad but that didn't kill Saddam, so a land invasion was needed"

    No invasion or attack of any sort on Iraq was needed. It was a fabrication by the Bush Admin to enrichen their cronies and take attention away from their failings in Afghanistan, which at least had tacit justification. Bush killed more Americans in Iraq than al Qaeda did on 9/11, and for what? Not a fucking thing.

  11. So every source currently within the agency has said the program ended, every media source that has investigated the claim that torture stopped with Obama's 2009 executive order have come to the conclusion that it did in fact stop. But a retired general, who is butt hurt because he is being accused of committing war crimes and wants to deflect by pointing the finger at the next administration is proof for you that the program continued? lol..Great source kid, retired, out of the loop AND biased!

  12. A CIA chief like Rodriguez even when he is retired he still knows allot what's going on, that's normal. Like every retired Green Beret knows what still goes on hes unit via via. These guys know everything, that's how it works there.

    Maybe it's unknown to you, but now you know. These guys stay informed. And waterboarding still happens if you like it or not, it's still going on pal. It's used in military training as well. It's not torture, if it was they wouldn't use this.Please get real, Part 2.

  13. Drones were not used back then. US navy and USAF bombed the living hell of Bagdad but that didn't kill Saddam, so a land invasion was needed. After a few months Delta Force located Saddam and they got him. Of course you had also shitbags like Muqtada Al Sadr and Zarqawi that wanted to launch their plans to attack Iraqi and US allied troops and enslave an entire country under sharia rule by brute force. Many innocents died because of these shitbags. It took a full year of black ops to clean them.

  14. Rodriguez retired in 2007…how the fuck do you expet he still has access to classified materials like waterboarding?! Ordering a stop to torture was one of the very first actions Obama took in office! And Bush was the one who pushed for the legal authority to torture…And yeah I am sure the over 100,000 civilians that were killed as a result of Bush's lies are soo thankfull…If our goal was to just take Sadam out we could have done so with a drone strike and saved 100,000 lives!

  15. Skrol down, I left you some more comments. Btw, even former CIA chief Jose Rordriguez has comfirmed this that waterboarding is still happening(wich he has no objection to) but he finds it hypocriticaly that the Left and especially Nancy Pelosi are all silent now since Obama is in the WH. That wasn't the case when Bush was in Office. And Mr Rodriguez is correct. Part 3.

  16. And Bush never ordered to torture terrorists. The CIA waterboarded terrorists, waterboarding is also done to military recruits who volunteer to join a special operations unit.

    And the Geneva conventions protects innocent people, not terrorists. These bad guys that the US captured were terrorists and they are not protected by the Geneva Conventions. And still the US didn't torture them, it wasn't needed, because waterboarding was an effective option. Obama didn't end this, he continued.

  17. Bush took care of a dictator and millions of Iraqi's today are thankfull to America for that.The US killed and detained 55 thousend terrorists and by that smashing the Iraqi insurgency in less than 18 months. Those civilians killed were done by terrorists who used them as human shields and execution.

    There was friendly fire sometimes but the US is not responsible for those innocent deaths, you are taking things out of context. Serval hundreds? How about "serval thousends" that's correct number.

  18. How so? Bush tortured Obama ended the torture program. Bush started a war in Iraq based on lies getting 100,000 civilians killed, Obama ended this war. The only thing that Obama has surpassed Bush on is drone strikes…and I will take the hundred or so civilian casualties from drone strikes over the hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties that result from ground opperations…

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