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Home » Woman’s shorts catch fire after filling pockets with rocks from Beach that exploded ! (May 18, 2012)

Woman’s shorts catch fire after filling pockets with rocks from Beach that exploded ! (May 18, 2012)

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Authorities in Southern California are investigating what appears to be the spontaneous combustion of rocks scooped from a San Clemente Beach that left a woman with third-degree burns. Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone tells City News Service the woman’s children collected the rocks Saturday and she tucked them into her pocket.
Stone says at some point the rocks caught fire, burning the woman’s right thigh and knee. Her husband also suffered second-degree burns to his hand trying to put out the flames. Authorities didn’t provide any details about what would have caused the rocks to ignite. Stone says it should take health authorities a week to complete their investigation.

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  • Ra Leo says:

    invasion of firey rocks

  • Ella Salem says:

    Some rocks must have been flint rocks.

  • BmoreBusker says:

    she was just horny… nothing unusual here

  • crackerwv says:

    I'm going to offer a different perspective on this. Dismissing the radiation from an outside source that may have "infected" the rocks and considering the woman doesn't have radiation poisoning from what they know…

    What if these rocks contain an undiscovered zero point energy within their crystalline structure? What if this story could bring forth an investigation into using things like this a low cost energy source that is safer than any fossil fuels/nuclear power? NEVER dismiss possibility.

  • PyR0Star says:

    lol san onofre has its own contaiminated water problems, but yea maybe fukushiima too. San Onofre power plant look like giant tits.

  • jimmy gill says:

    thats rite!!!

  • jimmy gill says:

    rocks infected with radiation from fukushima

  • JuukezeBarbie says:

    that's quite mysterious..i don't understand what kind of rock would make a combustive reaction like that..quite puzzling, can't wait to find out more from the testing results

  • thewanger says:

    Chemicals dumped in the water morons. California is a polluted cesspool and thats beside the people. I can't wait til the whole place slides into the ocean.

  • urdum2 says:

    Wondering if she had a lighter in her pocket…..

  • BLAINE301 says:

    Thats meteor shit! Quick what movie?

  • svt283 says:

    lol just sounds funny gov texting something

  • rabola55 says:

    I think we have critical mass here. Bring together a few things ….. anything…..and Poof!…it will catch fire.

  • Hy Su says:

    This video. Rocks.

  • packyhubbard1 says:

    I think it has to do with the nuclear plant sitting right there.

  • 2fine2find says:

    The time draws near. Accept Jesus Christ into your Life and repent of your sins 🙂

  • Sherie Waif says:

    Maybe a strong poultergiest is mad at the mother and the father because they are maybe unkind to their children? My mom was always mean to me and a shelf of books almost fell on her head. Or my dad was a pervert and he had the tip joint of his finger accidently cut off. Just a thought. I would like to hear what the children have to say as to why the rocks were taken away and after they have some time to think about it ask them how they are treated at home.

  • Ozzy bin Oswald says:

    Evidence of what? Is phosphorous on rocks a sign of the end?

  • fourcakers says:

    Jason, where is your video from the other day about the current events and the economy collapses and the seals getting ready to be opened? I want to sent that to everyone!!! It was so good!!!

  • MarsBar2012 says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Very strange and interesting. Shared.

  • GoodScienceForYou says:

    Liar Liar pants on fire!

    I just can't help it. First thing that came to mind. Forgive me.

  • Ryan Pavee says:

    That is right by a nuclear plant, San onofre

  • Melissa Lynn says:

    Wow who would have thought.

  • typaffmarketing says:

    Pop rocks – used to eat them

  • Lord Raven says:

    red phosphorus, how fun!!!

  • rabola55 says:

    "I always bring down… know…..interesting ones".
    Hahaha! notice the dreamy look on his face.

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