In this video, we will discuss about Ajit Dovals upcoming Russian Visit.

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Lets discuss about today’s topic.

In one of our recent videos, we have discussed about Pakistan being in discussion to buy Russian Missile defense System, Sukhoi 35 and T 90 tank.

While Defense minister of Pakistan confirmed the existence of such negotiations.

There has been no official confirmation from Russian side about these talks.

That’s why we may tend to believe, that Pakistani Defense minister was just creating an illusion for the audience at home.

While many of us are right in believing, that current economic condition of Pakistan prevents it from buying very costly sophisticated weapons.

However we must never neglect the way Pakistan thinks.

As per Former president and Prime minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. “We will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will get our own atom bomb, we have no other choice.”

The decisions of Pakistan are never governed by Logic of general economics.

You know, If Pakistan had the capability to think in terms of economics, it would not have fought for Kashmir for last 70 years.

Anyways, the Point, we want to highlight here is, if Pakistan defense minister is making false statement, why Russian side is not denying the very existence of any such defense negotiations.

Nevertheless, no one can deny the fact that Pakistan and Russia have come remarkably closer now.

When Russia can supply arms to Taliban, no Wonder, Now Pakistan and Russia share the strategic objectives in Afghanistan.

In order to legitimize this alliance of convenience, they seem to have created exaggerated enemy in the form of Islamic state.

In this complex background, As per report published in Hindustan times, Indian national Security Advisor is going to visit Russia this week.

It is expected, Indian NSA will once again reassure his Russian counterpart about Indian commitment toward Russian friendship.

As long as Russian friendship with Pakistan is not interfering in Russian friendship with India, there should not be any issue.

No one in India believes, that India will be in better position without friendship with Russia.

In the emerging multi polar world, the relevance of this bilateral relationship has only increased.

In fact, Before this visit, Yesterday Russian President held a phone call with Prime Minister Modi to discuss strategic partnership between Russia and India.

Amid rising possibility of direct confrontation in between Russia and United States, Russian visit of Indian NSA holds increasing significance.

Hopefully, besides making progress on S400 and Akula 2 submarine defense deals, India and Russia can look for strengthening economic and trade relationship as well.

As per your views, Why both Russia India and Russia Pakistan friendship cannot coexist?

Please let us know your views in comment section below.

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29 thoughts on “Why Indian NSA Ajit Doval is going to Russia??

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  2. Indo Russia friendship should go together and forever I'm truly speaking that India is not in better position without russian friendship ..

  3. Russia won't make any of the three deals with Pakistan. Reasons :
    1) Pakistan can't afford S400
    2) If Russia sells Su35 to Pakistan, it can say goodbye to any FGFA or Super Sukhoi deals. Deals which combined would exceed 30 billion dollars.
    3) Russia won't sell T90 to Pakistan as it wants to sell 1744 T14 to India, a deal exceeding 6 billion USD.

    As for why Russia didn't refute the claim made by Pakistani minister, it's pretty obvious. For one there's no need to do so for them. For two, India is moving rapidly towards Indignation and considers every single manufacturer if we want to import anything. So it's sorta like telling us that if we don't buy their weapons, they might sell it to Pakistan. It's a shitty tactic no doubt, and can dent Indo-Russian defense ties a heck lot.

  4. pakistani converted muslim ki identity he jhoot aur makkari par hai. Nahi toh Sanatan Hindu region Sindh aur Punjab ka lena dena kya muslimo se. Sindhi aur Punjabi ki Sanatan Hindu roots hain jo Sanskrit se hain. Russia is and shall always a great friend of India

  5. Bikhari log ABB sophisticated weapons leinge. Annual budget k liye paese hai Ni. Good le lo taki U.S. jaldi he tumko thokne ki puri tyariyan kr le. Aur grey se black list main daal de. 4 economic sanctions aur LGA de. ✌🏻

  6. As for attitude of Russia to Pakistan or Taliban is concerned it's more a response to America rather than India. Unfortunately Indian interests are getting compromised with this very geopolitical situation. Again Pakistan claiming as she is about to acquire such sophisticated weaponry from Russia is more an instigation from China to do so even it might be helping financially Pakistan for the same. Behind this Chinese strategy there is clear cut policy about to strengthen Pakistan as much as possible so that it can take on India up to a sizable extent. And this is a good policy by China where it can spare it's own army and can act through Pakistan. While Russian involvement is aimed at reducing American clout in the region. Since Pakistan can't at all afford economically such big deals even then their born enmity to India will compel them doing so immaterial they are sold out at hands of China and this is another big cause China will be pleased for. As much Pakistan will be lost that is going to be Chinese gain. As for visit by Ajit Dobhal is concerned he will naturally remind about many defense ventures going on in collaboration and atomic energy power plants which are exclusively being established by Russia, more importantly emphasis will also be about to make Russia realize that such movements by Russia may distract India further from Russian relationship which has long been a time tested relation. Further if someone has to choose as close friend or ally between India and Pakistan it will be a natural choice for India not Pakistan. But things are changing and flood waters settling so what's underneath is getting more clearly visible and in global scenario all twists and turns are possible. Since India has to counter China or Islamic terrorism and effect where Russia is not going to be with India as it's required right now, in that case America and EU becomes natural and active allies for India so India Russia relationship has to be tackled by both very cautiously maintaining an optimum level of mutual understanding, relations and other joint ventures keeping each other's interests as top priority. Beyond this circle anything is acceptable as demand of time and concerns.
    ……………… Thanks!!!

  7. Russian Federation will never have its relations with Islamic State of Pakistan at the cost of its relations withRepublic of India

  8. India should by more oil and gas from Russia to broaden our economic relations. If oil can be purchased from USA why it cannot be purchased more from Russia. This will strengthen our relationship more .

  9. see india's #Begging list from USA

    We can't compete with India in begging That is the slap on #Rundian Faces who think their country is self sufficient and has never took single penny of #Bheek Indias bheek is 4 times more than fund which we recieved for war against terror we recieved this money as we were part of war and all non NATO members in Afghanistan got this money but y India got this bheek since u were not part of afghan war this shows India is nothing but colony of USA against China since 1947 because since u have been receiving this #Bheeek

  10. see india's #Begging list from USA

    We can't compete with India in begging That is the slap on #Rundian Faces who think their country is self sufficient and has never took single penny of #Bheek Indias bheek is 4 times more than fund which we recieved for war against terror we recieved this money as we were part of war and all non NATO members in Afghanistan got this money but y India got this bheek since u were not part of afghan war this shows India is nothing but colony of USA against China since 1947 because since u have been receiving this #Bheeek

  11. We can't deny that Russia is interested in CEPC project of Pakistan. If Pakistan offer huge investment deal with Russia then weapons deal can be compromised.
    Therefore we can't trust Russia now.
    Even Iran is offering China & Pakistan to do investment in their Chabhar port.
    If we are continuing dealing with Russia then we should take stand now only and straight forwardly inform them if same weapons are sold to Pakistan then all contracts will be terminated immediately..

  12. Ur so called best friend Nepal has turned against u have u ever realized y? Let me tell u because u want to suppress all small countries under ur thumbnail u have been interfering in internal decisions of Nepal since decades but Now they r irrigated of u and want to take decisions according to their own wish and in result they have come out sphere of ur influence change ur policies otherwise only India will suffer

  13. USA can't be trusted. False flag operations of Twin Towers , Vietnam , Iraq wmd , Wiki leaks etc the list goes on. I more worried about the d33p state damaging our democracy than Pakistan. Pakistan is a Chinese satellite state now.

  14. yehi btany k liye call ki k indians chalo apny new papa usa k goud mai betho ja k ap or jaldi pakistan iran china turkey north korea or russia mil k iindians k new papa ki gand marny waly hen

  15. Pak Has problem with India

    China Has Problem with India

    Sri Lanka has problem with India

    Bangladesh Has problem with India

    Nepal Has problem with India
    Maldives Has Problem With India

    Myanmar Has problem with India

    Whole neighbourhood has turned against India then What we are waiting for Just Make Great Alliance and Break India into multiple states just like it was in ancient era in this way whole region will remain happy otherwise this India will Hurt all neighbours with its Cruel policies

  16. Might that be USSR or Russia… It has always been a good support to us. Though India n Pak don't get along, it would be unfair to ask Russia to have no relationship with Pak. However when it comes to defence n security lines have to be drawn so that both of us are not sold the same..

  17. Hahahahah India has been completely Isolated 60 Countries is supporting CPEC it is better for India to Leave its Egoism and Join CPEC Otherwise India will remain lonely In Entire region Indians should Come out of their delusion and look around their neighbourhood whole region has turned against India Just Because of Hegemonic attitude of India who want to suppress and impose their policies on others but this is not going to happen


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