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What’s it like going to war as a young soldier? Across the globe there are men and women fighting in many conflicts, and as part of a new series here on BBC World News we are speaking to young members of different armed forces. We start the series in the United States with an 18-year-old Marine explaining why he joined his country’s military.


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  1. "SIR, BECAUSE I GOT LOST ON THE WAY TO COLLEGE, SIR!!!" *head gets slammed into chalkboard*. Comes home from the Gulf War to find his girlfriend is with Jodie.

  2. Because they're motherfuckin' patriots who are willing to give it all for our country. My uncle was 17 when he was in boot camp. Thank you to all who have served.

  3. All you British delusional pricks thinking your Royal Marines are better hahaha! Not at all, The United States Marine Corps has earned its reputation as one of the worlds most elite fighting forces, I'm Irish-American and proud of it you British scum think you're the best when really you are not and your "United Kingdom" is no longer a kingdom since you's are losing all your colonies. Tiochfaidh ar lá🇮🇪Semper Fidelis…OOHRAH🇺🇸👊🏻

  4. If you are not willing to die for your country, than I feel sorry for you. Get the experience and get paid to potentially slay bodies are the real reasons anypne should join! Semper Fidelis!

  5. Lots of propaganda on television telling the goyim how they're serving to defend freedom and democracy around the world..

    More like die in wars for Israel & the central bankers to further enslave the world with debt.

    There are no good wars.  

    Yet WW2 is the most glorified, one sided war in history that you cannot question because people including the British don't want to look at the crimes they are guilty of themselves.  You want to see yourselves as the good guys, liberators of Europe. Were you liberating Europe when you firebombed Dresden? That itself was a Holocaust.

    Yes the Nazi's put people into camps, but the British put people in camps long before Nazi's came to power and in these British camps thousands died. Do people know what I'm talking of? The 2nd Boer war.   The Americans themselves put many people into camps and why? they were at war with Japan and didn't trust Japanese-Americans… 

    But oh my god, we are to believe that of all the people in history put into camps that Jews were the only one's to be exterminated in camps.. and yeah many have died in camps throughout history from other means but never exterminated.

    Why are people locked up for questioning this 6 million number? Pointing out flaws in the Holocaust, like how one of the alleged gas chamber doors locks from the INSIDE not outside meaning if people were gassed they would have had to lock themselves in… 

    So we are to believe Jews locked themselves in to be gassed?

    Has there ever been any official test on a body to prove Jews were gassed? where is it? 

    Why aren't we allowed to read this document they call the final solution which is supposed to prove extermination?  

    It is a fact there were many outbreaks of typhus in camps. At the end of the war, many people in Europe were starving. Supplies were short and some people starved. But there's also a lot of photographs of well fed, in good condition Jews. Even Jewish mothers with babies…

    This Holocaust was nothing but propaganda by the Jews and Communists (they go hand in hand) Once the Germans were defeated, and German cities were reduced to rubble and their population incinerated the Jews and Communists ran propaganda in German cities to convince people that German camps were used to kill people. 

    Ever heard about the lampshades made of skin, soap made of Jewish fat? 

    They can come up with whatever hateful lies about the Germans as they like, and if you refute the lies you are the villain…

    What if the Germans are in fact victims of anti-German racism and they turned you against them?

    Jews made up much of the Soviet Union who killed millions! they of course were the Soviet propagandists and made all these anti-German movies.

    Soviet Union framed the Germans for Katyn Massacre which itself was a Holocaust. Why is it hard to believe that they could pull off the Holocaust?

  6. +MRENGLISHRULES101 You know..I hate it when people like you give the rest of us Brits a bad name…Royal Marines have incredibly high standards of Marksmanship, Discipline and all that Yes, the United States Marines are good as well, they always give each other shit when they are at home, but together in the battlefield they are Brothers in Arms from different nations. There are Royal Marines who are permanent staff at US Marine/Navy OCS

  7. Actually, the us just needs to secure its economy. Why do you think we invaded iraq? Because our biggest oil supplier saudi arabia asked us too. Its not about flexing our muscles or being world polic. And we had to stay there for a while to help clean up because what would the world think of us if we just toppled the government and left.

  8. Wait a second…this is the BBC.  Why the hell are they doing a recruitment video for the US?
    This really makes the commonwealth look bad in my opinion.

  9. More like, why did this man join up.  It's a recruitment video.  Shit, there are many reasons each person joins, both for greater and lesser ideals that this video fails to show.

    Some think for the money, some think for the travel…others think for the education.  When it comes down to it, I thought for purpose and the experience, for both the good and bad.  You get to be happy with yourself that you gave your all, to be remembered by those around you that you were willing to give everything you could for a purpose.  More than willing to take the life of those that would take yours or the only brothers you know.   To an extent, hopeful of a good death.  Better than a purposeless life and terrible death by disease.  Hot bullet over a cold bed. 

    Is that the reality of the military…that's to be debated.  Guess it depends on the person, there experience and there tours.  For me, I never accomplished my desires in over 10 years and lost faith based on the inability to come to terms with the purpose of the politics behind the wars, especially in the case of the U.S.  But I'll always be on call for my countries defense and the defense of the commonwealth, waiting for that chance to live and die that dream of maybe being able to call myself a hero.  I bet many others feel that same way.  May only been infantry and not a marine, but I've dug the same trenches in training and drove the same patrols on tour.

    Anyways, I read the comments.  Civilians, separate your politics from the individual soldier.  My time as a civy, I don't see the lot of you put into life as much as the soldier tries to, even though these greens have much to learn about the real deal and the real them.

  10. It's true they do tend to overrate themselves but alas they have 16 trillion dollar economy supporting their war machine. Compare it to the Royal Marines who hardly gets all fancy gadgets

    Because they were brainwashed by the Dominionist movement into believe that they are fighting a Holy War against Islam and Liberals.

  12. I like this video but i hate how people commenting say that people do military because they were troubled or did horrible in high school I enlisted and I'm 17 gonna ship out in the summer but I'm doing to to serve my country I have always had a 3.0 + GPA in high school and am 44 senior rank in my class does that prove not everyone enlists because they have nowhere else to go?

  13. The world's police army securing its interests abroad! Simple as that! Why we never see china doing any kinds of these activities? Because wars are a good way to win your enemies over! sarcasm! Usa has no other way to show to the world they're superior, bloodshed is what convince the world obviously!

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