What They’re NOT Telling You About the Navy Plane Crash Off Japan

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30 thoughts on “What They’re NOT Telling You About the Navy Plane Crash Off Japan

  1. yes there is corruption recent incident of 7th fleet. 60 admirals and 400 other junior officers involved in bribes and espionage dealing with intelligence from naval vessels.

  2. OK when you do search and rescue in the ocean if you are found at all consider yourself lucky. Missing only three of 11 is very good search and rescue.

  3. C2 Greyhound are older planes, likely utilized passed their expected service life, it's very possible it's just an accident

  4. This page is bullshit, they hyped up the DOT EMP drills anyone remember that? They made it seam like it correlated with the ANTIFA protest which they also hyped up, funny how NOTHING happened. There just getting views and trying to raise money spreading bullshit conspiracy's, capitalizing on peoples fear. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!!

  5. This guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Your telling us all information we can read from a news article. The thing is aviation is a dangerous business. There are hundreds of aircraft crashes every year, It's not just the navy. Mostly from human error, not saying the pilot but it goes all the way back to whoever installed a single piece on a aircraft. And it's not even just that , they could gotten bad fuel or anything really. Usually following an aircraft mishap in the navy they do an investigation, hence why some photos or whatever my not be leaked yet .

  6. Thank you for your work and important updates. (While this error in no way detracts from your work, please know that 'supposebly'' is not an word, please use 'supposedly.) In other words, why detract people who want to hear what you have to say. with language that (probably shouldn't, but does) turn us off to your entire message?

  7. Former navy sailor here, little insight; these sailors are tired, fatigued, are standing watch way longer than nomal because we are undermanned, reasons you cant really understand unless you are part of the military, yes these mishaps are happening more often, but you need to understand how the military actually works, the internals, before you start go off on a tangent about opium fields.

  8. Its call budget cuts and you need replacement parts I don't care how good your technology is things break when you can't replace Things fall out of the sky

  9. I just watched your trailer, I'm SO excited for this film. I can tell you know what you're doing and This needs to be addressed! You're awesome! Btw, I just subbed today. I wish I had even a dollar to give you… business is going terrible at the moment. The future though ?

  10. We need to have more facts on this accident. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.  Lots of things to consider, not the least of which is that these aircraft participate in very hazardous activities.  Carrier operations are DANGEROUS.  This type of aircraft is operated by naval aviators that specialize in high risk, non-routine military ops.  The very fact that 8 people made it out of the wreckage alive is a huge deal.  I spent a career in naval aviation and have logged over 800 carrier landings as a Naval Flight Officer flying F-14 aircraft, about 10 carrier landings in the highlighted C-2A aircraft in this accident, 6 extended carrier deployments and 1 ramp strike…just saying…

  11. you're as dopey as Chris. How big is the fucking Pacific Ocean vs Afghanistan? Slightly bigger??? Smaller??? Use your brain.

  12. Your technology is just as obsolete as you are Chad. Your pathetic fleet is useless, if the war starts they will go down faster than WTC.

  13. Army – Navy Game!
    Petraeus – McCain have spies within both. Their agenda is the same as Obama's to weaken our defenses.

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