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There has been an international chorus of condemnation at the United Nations General Assembly of the violence being carried out against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Earlier this week, the United Nations’ top human rights official called what was happening, “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.

On Tuesday, Myanmar State Counselor Aung Sung Suu Kyi – a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize – broke a long silence with an internationally-televised address. She referred to the flight of about 400,0000 Rohingya as an “exodus” and but did not condemn her government’s military operations. Amnesty International described her speech as “victim-blaming” and mix of “untruths.

This most recent flare-up came after security forces and allied militias retaliated to a series of attacks by a small Muslim armed group by burning down thousands of Rohingya homes in the predominantly Buddhist nation. Since then Rohingya have streamed across the border into neighbouring Bangladesh.

Al Jazeera has closely covered all the latest developments in this story. We’ll speak to reporters on the beat and hear the latest.

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45 thoughts on “What is really happening to the Rohingya? – The Stream

  1. bd could've been able to solve this problem quiet reasonably if this country was truely a developing country as some expert's claim then it would naturally have a strong army in which case make temporary incursion to stabilise situation on humanitarian grounds till international bodies take over. But the reality is opposite it's an impoverished, underdeveloped, least developing. and it's still very much a third world . I'm sure those experts must be lying off their heads.

  2. There is no easy solution for this.

    Burma/Myanmar is suffering from the same vestiges of british rule that Sri Lanka STILL faces.

    And that is the british rule in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar which saw the british bringing indentured laborers (i.e. "coolies") from british india into Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In SL it was the Tamils, while in Myanmar it was Bengalis.

    When both SL and Myanmar got independence there was SUPPOSED to be "minority rights" for the former indentured coolie/laborer Tamils in SL and former indentured coolie/laborer Bengalis in Myanmar. HOWEVER there was deep, DEEP, DEEEEEEEEP resentment of the presence of Tamils in Sri Lanka by the "native" Sri Lankans and DEEEEP resentment of the presence of the Bengalis in Myanmar by the "native" Myanmarians.

    That's why in the years following independence there developed forces to curtail/ remove the "rights" of the Tamils and the Bengalis in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

    Even today there is DEEP seated resentment of the presence of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and Bengalis in Myanmar who are looked at by the "natives" in SL and Myanmar as being "intruders that were forced down upon the Sri Lanka and Myanmar people by the british occupiers".

    That's why the "tamils in Sri Lanka problem" and "bengalis in Myanmar problem" IS NOT GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON.

  3. The word Rohingya is official now. No matter whether Myanmar recognize these displaced people as "Rohingya" or not , Bangladesh Govt. has registered these people as Rohingya in their refugee identity.

  4. Aljazzera must know the issue can be resolved by china or india. european country or u.s cannot solve the issue.islamic country radiculistion can worse other reason.

  5. Ms. Divya from Hongkong, please note: you are showing images of the shelters. You are wrong to say Bangladeshi government has not taken any steps. I agree that, the Bangladeshi government needs to organize the whole relief process, but please admit the major decisions our government has taken (i.e. Letting them through). We are sheltering almost a million people who were facing genocide in their own land. These people, who will most likely will not be taken back by Burma. Even if Burma allows them officially, no Rohingya will be wanting to go back. This actually threatens the whole scenario of this country in many ways. National and international aid agencies can not provide them charity for ever. Majority of these people will try to blend into Bangladesh. The economy, law and security of that portion of Bangladesh will be vulnerable… and so on. So, please address the issue in a constructive way. Although our economy is not very large, the Bangladeshi government is taking measured steps in this issue. We want everybody's help in helping the Rohingya.

  6. The word ( r e b e l ) does not fit most situations. A National, fighting for his or her inherent rights to live ,( not exist) , on the land of their fathers makes them defenders of that land. Do not use the word rebel anymore, that is a HOLLYWOOD term. Use the word    Defender. As for "COUNTRY LEADERS / GOVERNMENTS , THEY are the terrorists , THEY are the thieves and murderers and THEY use the term ,  NATIONAL SECURITY  ,  my term is  <  b u l l s h i t  t o  t h a t >

  7. It is the responsibility of every human being to lend assistance to a fellow human being wherever and whenever possible. I have put aside {MY JOB} many times in order to do what is right. You make the term War Reporter  sound like an automaton , soulless ,

  8. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    Rohingya….. We love you….

  9. so called Rohingya issue was created by Britain. The U.K. is responsible for this matter and have no right to blame Myanmar gov.

  10. The witch is lying, the whole world can see what's happening and so she doesn't know what's happening behind her back yard . She supports this highly it's "clear" .myanmar are having fun committing this "genocide genocide genocide "!!!

  11. ISIS kills everyone. This government apparently has given these beasts control. No mention of who is doing the terror other than "masked men". Dispicable!

  12. The greedy people are using ISIS to set up caliphate in Rakhine state to control its oil and gas just like in Syria. Pure and simple.

  13. Why don't UN acts against terrorists in Myanmar? Is it afraid of doing anything against them? It's shame for the UN and for the whole civilized world if it really exists!

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