What If China & Japan Went To War?

Why China Hates Japan


Recent territorial tensions between China and Japan have resurfaced. So we were wondering, what would happen if China and Japan went to war?

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NATO cooperation with Japan

“Japan is the longest-standing of NATO’s ‘partners across the globe’. ”

A New Role for Japan’s Military

“Japanese people have been divided over whether to revise the Constitution since almost as soon as it was promulgated in 1946.”

This is Japan’s Best Strategy to Defeat China at Sea

“The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) is a highly capable navy, although it is the smallest of Japan’s military branches.”

Sleepy Islands and a Smoldering Dispute

“In the fishing harbor here, Japan has increased the number of sleek, white Coast Guard cutters to fend off the Chinese patrol boats that have stepped up their challenge of Japan’s control of disputed nearby islands, one sign of a smoldering conflict that has threatened relations between Asia’s two giants.”

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32 thoughts on “What If China & Japan Went To War?

  1. China knows that an attack on Japan is like attacking the USA. China would be insane to try to go head to head with the USA. Our Air Force and Navy would be able to destroy almost every single Chinese military base along their eastern coast.

  2. People China has a friend called Russia who is a world power in Nukes!! USA doesn't stand a chance against CHINA. Forget Japan.

  3. When are you guys gonna make a video titled: why the united States hate Russia? or why is the US the biggest threat to world peace?

  4. The amount of hardware and the number of soldiers China has wouldn't assure a military victory against Japan, as Japan has superior technology and an alliance with the U.S. The Chinese are not stupid, so they won't start a war.

  5. what will happen if asian countries start discussing how they can start using renewable resources more and make earth a better place to live. ?

  6. i just know one thing, if war starts b/w any 2 countries, it will turn into a nuclear war very quick and with same speed it will turn into a world war…

    nations have invested too much on weapons, they're definitely gonna use it.

  7. Personnel does not mean much these days because everything is from the air, personnel does not mean much because the soldiers on the ground will be carpet bombed.

  8. in ww2 china was almost the weakest but now china will kick japan's ass because they have the largest army and china has nukes so japan dies I feel super bad for the japanese people and I will have to survive without sushi FUCK U CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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