Weiner Laptop Doc: Assange Warrant Issued 2 Weeks After Swedish Election Leaks Warning

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24 thoughts on “Weiner Laptop Doc: Assange Warrant Issued 2 Weeks After Swedish Election Leaks Warning

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  2. Assange posted a code last night and a link to the M.i.A song Paper airplanes…..Ironic since a couple of CEO's died in plane crashes yesterday.

  3. The deep state does not want Assange to get with President Trump and his Attorney's ,because he can prove their was no Russian hacking ,that it was leaked and who leaked it.

  4. Assange is the worlds hero Trump should order everyone to back off and leave this man alone, without him the world and its people would be in dire straits

  5. White Wizard ? I think Julian is more likely the White Rabbit. He opened up the rabbit hole for the world to see the corruption that is DC.

  6. Unfortunately, HERO Julian Assange👤was taken from us, Oct 2016😢I wish it weren't true, but there's no evidence to believe otherwise!

  7. He's not even there he's probably dead people can be so dumb gosh stop this crap already the US already has himDO YOU GET IT?

  8. That Weiner is a runt if ever there was one, he looks shifty, talks shifty and is a crooked as it gets, if he'd been gifted with the art of acting he might have made it too the top but you just wouldn't trust that creep would you? and how history has proved us right….if they'd thrown the swamp at him most of it would stick.

  9. There is a guy on Twitter who is a Q Anon follower and seems to always have news several days before it happens. He gave 6 New Year's hints today: 1) Julian Assange is safe. He is not where he appears to be. He is a key player in justice. 2) At least 30 Congressmen will not be returning after their holiday break. 3) Iran is no longer in George Soros' control. Iran is one of 8 countries that will see a regime change in the near future. 4) Major, very recognizable globalist family, squealing like pigs. 5) A photo of two guys in an cockpit looking at many different monitors showing maps. 6) The target picked up when Atlanta went dark is so much bigger than anyone can imagine.

    I have no idea if any of it is true but I'm praying that every bit of it is. It fits with so much of the info that Q Anon has been giving since late October. The one thing I didn't like as much was the news about regime change. President Trump campaigned on not being interested in the overthrow of governments. Maybe they believe the people will overthrow their own tyrants. If it's true, we are in for some interesting times in 2018.

  10. i want assange to come stay in my house i guarantee he will be protected. someone comes to my door i don't know i will blow their brains out. that includes our crooked cops. and we have a lot of them here take my word, i have so much dirt on our cops it would shock people!

  11. what are the chances of this particular e mail which pretty much shows assange being framed being released right now on the first trenche out of the 600000 reported emails on the weiner laptop…..it all but looks like a coded message to assange.

  12. " A mixture of communism and libertarianism"? That must be a BLOODY MESS!

    Swedish politics have to be far crazier then politics elsewhere, although we already know this, don't we? LOL!

  13. Martin, All President trump has to do is say I want Mr. Roerbacher to come and see me right now if he hasnt already met with him. If he wants to see someone, ANYONE it will be taken care of post haste.

  14. I keep wishing they would release, to the public, the video from the Weiner laptop showing Huma Terroist ABEDIN and Hildabeast performing pedophilia on a child.
    I bet MOST of HRC diehard fans would fall away in a heartbeat.
    When laptop was seized by NYC cops and they saw this video, some broke down crying.
    I don't need or want to see it.
    I've known forever what a filthy pos pedophile, Hildabeast is
    She is so full of EVIL. She worships Satan. SICK!!!
    Ew and then some! YUK!

  15. Sweden's elections will be rigged just as in France and Germany earlier this year. Hang the Wallenberg Criminal Family of Traitors !

  16. Criminals are always mad at those who point to their misdeeds rather than the misdeeds of others. Misdeeds are misdeeds no matter the source unveiling them. Either it's true, or you have a defense to it. Discrediting the source does not discredit the information gleaned by them. Such is the case with project Veritos. Information was gleaned, and freely given. That intel was cast aside simply because the reporter gained illegal access, once upon a time, to a high level building illegally, and under false pretenses. To this day, they use that to discredit any information given.

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