WARNING.. graphic images. NATO AIR STRIKE. 29 05 2011. indignato

NATO NUCLEAR CRIMINAL. airstrike kills 14 civilians in southern Afghanistan

al qaeda was name of the cia database made during russian occupation of afghanistan. northern alliance represented the drug industry in the area. taliban, following islamic doctrine, had stamped out poppy production in the area. hamid karzai brother was largest trafficker in the region, a drug lord..

timosman, cia handle for usamah tells so much. timo means fear in latin. (timos ~ fears).

timos man³² ~ fears man³² ~ al qaeda²³

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May 29, 2011, 6.12 GMT

Kandahar, Afghanistan – A NATO airstrike in southern Afghan province of Helmand killed 14 civilians including women and children, a government spokesman said Sunday.

The raid in Nawzad district was initiated after US Marines came under Taliban fire, a spokesman for the provincial governor said. ‘The foreign forces called for air support and NATO aircraft bombed two civilian homes,’ Daud Ahmadi said. ‘Five girls, seven boys and two women were martyred and three children, a woman and two men were injured in the bombardment,’ Ahmadi said. Tim James, spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the alliance ‘is aware of alleged civilian casualties’ and the southern regional command was investigating. Civilian casualties at the hands of international forces have been the most delicate issue between the Afghan President Hamid Karzai and NATO military officials. On Saturday, Karzai ordered the Defence Ministry to prevent foreign troops from uncoordinated operations and to take control of all night raids. The directive is likely to create tension between his government and NATO, as alliance commander US General David Petraeus has hailed such operations. NATO said dozens of insurgents are killed and detained each month in night raids, which have often resulted in civilian deaths…

from ny times….

“Unfortunately, the compound the insurgents purposefully occupied was later discovered to house innocent civilians,” the official, Maj. Gen. John Toolan, commander of NATO forces in the Southwest region, said in a statement. The general apologized for the civilian deaths on behalf of all coalition forces”.

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φ nine numerological code. chart includes characters from latin, greek, hebrew. use for numerology on these languages individually or for comparison between forms. greek and hebrew could be considered in units, tens, hundreds or minimised. ✁

I. Aa¹ Jj¹° Ss¹⁹ ≈ Αα Alpha Ιι Iota Ρρ rho ≈ א Alef (ox) י yod (hand) ק quof (head) ≈ ☿

II. Bb² Kk¹¹ Tt²° ≈ Ββ Beta Κκ Kappa Σσς sigma ≈ ב Beth (house) כ caph (palm) ר resh (back of head) ≈ ♀

III. Cc³ Ll¹² Uu²¹ ≈ Γγ gamma Λλ Lambda Ττ tau ≈ ג gimmel (camal) ל Lamed (ox goad) ש shin (tooth) ≈ ⊕ ♁

IV. Dd⁴ Mm¹³ Vv²² ≈ Δδ Delta Μμ Mu Υυ Upsilon ≈ ד Daleth (door) מ Mem (water) ת tav (sign of cross) ≈ ♂

V. Ee⁵ Nn¹⁴ Ww²³ ≈ Εε Epsilon Νν Nu Φφϕ Phi ≈ ה hE (window) נ Nun (fish) ≈ ♃

VI. Ff⁶ Oo¹⁵ Xx²⁴ ≈ Ϛϛ stigma Ξξ Xi Χχ chi ≈ ו vau (peg nail) ס samekh (support) ≈ ♄

VII. Gg⁷ Pp¹⁶ Yy²⁵ ≈ Ζζ zeta Οο omicron Ψψ Psi ≈ ז zayin (weapon) ע ayin (eye) ≈ ♅

VIII. Hh⁸ Qq¹⁷ Zz²⁶ ≈ Ηη eta Ππ Pi Ωω omega ≈ ח cheth (enclosure) פ pe (mouth) ≈ ♆

IX. Ii⁹ Rr¹⁸ ≈ Θθ ϑ theta Ϙϙ Ϟϟ koopa Ϡϡ sampi ≈ ט teth (snake) צ tzaddi (hook) ≈ ♇


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very offensive comments will be removed, just shows your brainwashed, you certainly didn’t come into this world full of hate, how are you going to leave it?


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41 thoughts on “WARNING.. graphic images. NATO AIR STRIKE. 29 05 2011. indignato

  1. Mr. Obama is NOT the president, he is African, FACT! So stop trying to pass off this fraud in the White House! I am 100 percent in favor of all Muslims being destroyed for their terrorist religion, but I am against ANYTHING that Mr. Obama can do or plans to do! ROLL TIDE!
    TED CRUZ 2016

  2. No Adam, we do NOT need to keep striking Muslim Countries. Luckily Obama came to his senses and halted the "Missiles for Assad" that was sweeping our nation after the lying low life trouble making 'News shows' like Fox blamed Assad for the Chem attacks despite video showing the rebels shooting gas canisters.
    Also I'd like to thank Obama for getting Us out of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

  3. a 500 lb bomb is considered a surgical removal ?? The common Afghani do NOT want us in their country!!
    .. remind me again why we are there doing 'surgical strikes'

  4. "Nuclear criminal," what the hell does that mean?

    Yeah, NATO is full of mean ol' bad guys. You know who kills more Middle Easterners than anybody else? Middle Easterners, that's who.

  5. Whats sad about this is its only 14 civilians. Kill all that are there. I spent 2 years of my life pretending to be bettering these shit hole countrys. They will not stand up on their owe and stop the smaller % of terrorists, so kill them all. Tired of having tea one day and the next day in a firefight with the same elders. screw these muslims, the religion of violence, and a prophet named Mohammad, yeeah, this guy a child molesting rapist.

  6. "do you know anything about the depleted uranium munitions"?

    YES, they kill scumbag Jihadist Muslims that infest this world! Attack the USA and you DIE it's that simple!

  7. lolz nicholas 1stu need to needto think n ur gvt how get rid ffom afghanistan.as far the casualities concerned damages done to the civilianz by us and nato forces to the locals thn the taiban.now i claim u s forces is only kill a few talib with an air strike coz on and they cant defeat them,and in this conceparcy lcals even children are killed which is shame.think befire what u r comenting next time.

  8. its always the innocent that lose. god bless them baby's and god bless all are US solders over sea protecting are freedom

  9. Well you have no fuckin right crossing into our borders and fuckin with US property overseas..so The US military will beat your fuckin asses down for it..You killed innocent people on 9-11-2001..Now shut the fuck up and pay the price..Its time for you to pay the fiddler you are the ones who committed the crime with the aircraft now the aircraft are going to make you pay for it.

  10. practice what you preach bitch..I see your clownassed fuckin retards doing it as well..So don't talk here about atrocity..so what the fuck are you committing them for? Fuckin hypocrite..You don't seem to think about the shit you you do to innocent people when you bomb embassies and hijack aircraft putting innocent lives in jeopardy do ya? Well lets see.Whats good for the goose is good for the gander,consider a pay back to be a son of bitch from hell.

  11. No your an ignorant fuckin coward,,simple as abc and 123…well rthat shit wouldn't happen if you ignorant bastards would learn to behave your fuckin ignorant self..Your shit is propaganda you stupid fuckin cowardly pislam crimainal..you've had birth defects long before any of this uranium munitions even occurred,because your shit talking clown ass is living proof..

  12. Why don't you shut the hole in your face NuTuoLin…..what are those small numbers for that you have be those names? Code?

  13. Johnson is correct. That county is full of muslim terrorists who intentionally target innocent civilians to create propaganda. I'm very proud to say that my country was able to kill the most dangerous Coward in the world Osama. Its not our countries fault that muslim terrorists strap bombs to kids and send them off to kill random people…

  14. I dont have an answer for who launched a chemical attack.I dont believe we should invade siria. We have no business in their civil war.Let them kill each other.

  15. It's not Only America fuckhead, it's NATO. United States is only one of the Countries of Nato that are in this operation.
    Maybe we don't have the right to be in Afhganistan or Iraq, IRAQ didn't have the right to invade Kuwait and AlQaeda didn't have the right to do 9/11. So, now they are being wiped of the face of the planet because of their actions…Cheers from BRAZIL

  16. Yes, we are proud of our countries actions. If it was not for our country's actions all of you would be speaking German or Japanese now.

  17. great,this is a blessing,generations of retarded mutant Taliban children,we are very proud,you Asian bugeater,go fuk yourself.if it were up to the soldiers we would kill every last one of them.

  18. The Taliban would have us living in the dark ages do you want to go back in time or be living in a civilised society ?

  19. If its so upsetting to you just don't watch it, it was upsetting to see the two towers in New York going down and the bombs in London, guess what if the terrorists can not live in a civilised society they don't deserve to belong there

  20. That's life u rag heads started we finish u don't care about kids or women killing children is your way then packing them with explosives nice and me myself witnessed they tided up a infant in a window and shot at us with a AK-47 not one of us shot back instead went around to a ambush and killed rag heads and saved the baby . So caring you are

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