In an address to the Russian nation, Vladimir Putin has touted new nuclear weapons, including a powerful missile and an underwater drone he claims can’t be intercepted by the U.S. NBC’s Lucy Kafanov reports for TODAY, and NBC national security analyst Jeremy Bash says it signals a shift “back to the bad old days of Washington and Moscow trying to one-up each other with these nuclear weapons.”

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Vladimir Putin Boasts About Russia’s New Nuclear Weapons | TODAY


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22 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Boasts About Russia’s New Nuclear Weapons | TODAY

  1. if the break out usa vs russia who would win?
    ♤russia win
    ♤usa defeat
    if there is no putin there is no world 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  2. For American it would be disturbing story to hear Russia has developed ballistic missile, yet, its NOT disturbing to hear that USA fire those missile on poor Afghan, Iraqi, Yemeni, Syrian, Vietnamese and all the rest of innocent people.

  3. Putin the King of DESTRUCTION and DEATH. Look after your own people that you keep in poverty, There is enough Terrorists in the World including attacking Mother Russia without Putin joining in. If you think the USA is a terrorist then your a 100% FOOL.

  4. americans lives so good life from suffering of others countries, destroying other countries economic and take all money, first and only country who trow atomic boomb on civilians, trow 15 tones of uranium in iligal bombing of serbia, vietnam, corea , avganistan, iraq and many many more all for oile money and power, USA=ALL EVIL IN WORLD so the biggest terrorist for and on the world are USA

  5. OMG! We can not except this! did you see how soviet cartoon missiles totally out smarted our cartoon missiles? we should tax the American people 40100 billion dollars to counter this cartoon threat. or at least build our own cartoon missiles just as good. I mean let us be real here, think what this cartoon missile could do to a cartoon city!!!!!! Seriously think about it!

  6. Citizens are foreigners. we're not going to destroy anyone, but we don't need to be touched, either . Your America is thousands of miles away from Russia, and the missile DEFENSE system is at the borders of Russia, Chaos, war in our half of the globe. And at borders of the USA everything is quiet, and there are no coups as in Ukraine, there are no bombings as the USA bombed Yugoslavia, there are no soldiers at border with America. It is time for Americans to stop poking their noses into other countries.

  7. what "evidence"? ops yes of course chemical attacks by the Syrian government, the N Vietnamese patrol boats "attacking" a us carrier, WMD Iraq smoking guns, no limit at all?

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