USMC- 1,2,3,4 United States Marine Corp Cadence

My younger brother PFC (Now LCPL) Vinny Perez graduating MCRD San Diego, CA Boot Camp. He was the 2nd squad leader out of 4 recruits out of a platoon of 68 recruits. 1075 Delta Co. 1st BN Honor Platoon. God bless all the troops.


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  1. In case you guys were wondering why it mentions Beirut Lebanon its because in the 80's there was a suicide bombing on a Marine base there by a group called the "islamic jihad" where they killed over 300 US Marines and navy personnel, along with several civilians and around 30 french Airborne

  2. Outstanding!!!! I'm a proud Hollywood Marine Veteran MCRD 06/88 TO 09/88 PLT 1027 4th Squad Leader!!!! Get Some MARINE!!!!

  3. MOTO! I Graduated with Perez. I was the shortest in this platoon. Perez is one tough m*th*rf*ck*r, and so was our other Squadleaders and Guide.

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