US Sends Two More Aircraft Carriers to Korea

US prepares for war sends two more Aircraft Carriers to Korean waters. Seems Russia and China’s presence has concerned the US Generals so before striking North Korea they have decided to send two more Aircraft carriers to the region.


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25 thoughts on “US Sends Two More Aircraft Carriers to Korea

  1. Are we really staring down the barrel of WW3? I can't help but remember that we are in the season of the annual war games over there. Manipulation of the masses? What's going on at home whilst this is transpiring? Are governments slipping stuff past the public whilst the we are kept running around scared to death about the end of the world? For example – the British Government has just called a general election in a bid to retain power for another 4 years. I have a feeling the whole thing is a false flag.

  2. How will all of this affect us here in the states? Should we start to stock up on supplies or what? ??? Are we going to see hard times in the very near future?

  3. A "Model Missile" isn't put on display for no reason at all. And a "Model Missile," which is intercontinental is as much a threat to Moscow and Beijing as it is against the US inthe hands of a Radical PRK, Kim Jung UN, who is in it up to the crown of his head with Iran. We might be witnessing history in the making where the three world powers are in a position to take out a common radical mindset with much in common to that of Radical Islam.

  4. Once again Trump will be the leader to take on the real problems even as some find scenarios in their heads as to why the problem should remain yet again for now. Russia has no threat to them or their alias. They should sit this out and just follow in the shadows . Why would Russia want a Dictator country like NK to continue on it's current path.

    I see a non Nuk or Kim , in the future of NK. I also See Trump as the leader to ignore BS commentary as to why he is bad for eliminating this threatThat has been let to get to this level. I guess we all have to choose a side in the end. Is China and Russia the good guy? Or is it the United States Of America? I wonder what a Communist One World Government might look like. I say I am proud to be an American and am part of the Nationalist proud majority of Americans.

  5. If you wanna world war you gotta start war in the East as well as the West. I don't see what Kim Jong-un thinks to gain provoking DC to launch a massive strike, North Korea will get wasted regardless what China and Russia does to the US. I guess the West has forgot Orientals will fight to the last man, fall on their own sword, before being conquered. Yeah, that's all we need on top of beating up on the Middle East, is to have a couple billion Orientals wanting revenge.

  6. Aircraft Carrier battle groups will be an easy target. In this day and age one tactical nuke will do the job. Bad Idea.

  7. The sending of two carriers is not in response to Russian troop movements. Next, you quote Russian propaganda as though it were gospel. Next, you state falsely that Chinese troops on the Korean border have the ability to down US missiles heading for North Korea. You confuse Russian troop movements with Chinese ones ("150,000"). You assert Russian S-300 antimissiles are on the NK border to thwart American missiles going into NK, apparently unaware that the Russian S-300 is ineffective against US Tomahawks. You state "China will not allow an annihilation of North Korea" (as if the US seeks it's 'annihilation'). It is not altogether clear China is willing to risk all over the protection of Kim Un, and Russia certainly knows its not in its own best interests, contrary to what you assert. You remark at 7:40 that "it looks like Donald Trump would also have to take on the United States" (if Russia or China got involved) is as puerile and disingenuous as it is garbled. Next you say "it is the military-industrial complex calling the shots" (?!) Absurd. Finally we get to the"one world religion new world order Vatican plot" nonsense. Classic nutjob from the Pat Robertson school of fake Christianity. Shalom. lol!

  8. dear heavenly father I pray for Steven his wife and his family and all those who are working for him Lord. Lord I Thank you I thank you for their family I find so much joy and all the wonderful news that they bring forth and interesting stories that they share. Lord I pray special blessing on them me you help them financially to continue everything that they are doing. and I thank you because before I even asked you you've answered me you are so good in Jesus name I ask all these things

  9. Russia is positioning troops and so is China, but they are not doing so to fight the USA. They are doing so in preparation for North Korean refugees once the USA attacks North Korea.

  10. Where is the Carl Vinson? The White House tells you one story … Pacific Command … tells you another story!

    It's a DOG AND PONY SHOW! No one seems to know where the "great armada" actually is located … how do you HIDE an armada?

    Think about one thing … what exactly is the Carl Vinson going to do? In any case, it is NOT on station and the fact is that this DOG AND PONY SHOW is most like a psych-ops operation.

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