A California company is working on an underwater refueling station that can top off the fuel cells of undersea surveillance drones, allowing the vehicles to venture farther and work longer.

Needless to say, the US Navy is interested in that kind of technology. The sailing branch is even exploring ways to tap sea-bottom thermal vents in order to keep power flowing to underwater gas stations.

Teledyne, based in Thousand Oaks, California, showed off its undersea power station alongside Gavia, the company’s popular underwater surveillance drone, at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition in Maryland in April.

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39 thoughts on “US Navy Wants Undersea Gas Stations for Underwater Drones

  1. Sounds like prelude to "claiming" mineral underwater sites. We supposedly have a ban on claiming can floor minerals by nations.

  2. Wasn’t everyone on YouTube saying the 23rd was THE date? Now that it’s here………..”crickets chirping”…….nothing. Let me guess, soon they’ll pick ANOTHER date. 😂😂

  3. The risk is too high for the ocean. This idea needs to be shot down. How about hydrogen fuel cells for these drones instead. That way no risk of another leaking oil pipeline.

  4. I think so much corruption is coming out (exposed) that we can't even imagine.  We all better stretch our thinking and brains.

  5. Who is “they”. You constantly say this “they’re sayin”, please refer to the actual party or person. Thanks.

  6. These are being used for Wut..exactly?? Why? Got to ask yourself if its going to be used FOR US or AGAINST US. Smells rotten to me guys-stay alert, stay alive 👀.
    BTW; anyone seen tucker carelson. ..or know where he is????

  7. Yea and they can bust and cause gas leaks in the ocean, like we need something else polluting our sea Life!! Smh!!!

  8. You have to ask yourself what fuel do they use, and why on earth would you believe such garbage! But then, most people still believe that we went to the moon.

  9. YO D, That's just what we need a bigger military industrial complex, our tax dollars @ work 4 THEM AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE. SECURITY OR LIBERTY U CAN'T HAVE BOTH ! L8R

  10. so not only to the yanks want their iliatry based all over this planet they want the under water…..typical paranoia bs from the debt ridden usa….

  11. Supply lines are a big help and many instances necessary for survival. Just like them, we have caches of stored supplies everywhere so in the coming times, when they are needed, those who know about them will be able to use them.

  12. Wake-up and pay attention people… How things really are, is so clear when you're "awake"… There's so much deception… Nothing we've been taught on how things work, actually work that way… NOTHING… It's all a deception.

  13. Great find Dahboo… living SD I will check around and see what I find out. I have a friend/ source at Rayth…

  14. This is one of the best ideas I think they've ever come up with and I'm glad they have we need this technology in the seas and we need to expand not only with the gas stations and refillings but even having underwater bases equipped in armed with a full arsenal of nuclear deterrence. It would also be a great place 4 the experimental things that the government does also

  15. Budget? What budget???
    There moding up the planet like it's a Hell Cat.
    This gonna be Cybertron weather you want it or not!

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