US navy pilots grounded after drawing penis in the sky

Members of an air crew, who used their warplane to in an ‘obscene’ stunt in the sky above the town of Okanogan, Washington, this week have been grounded, the US navy said
Penis in the sky: US navy pilots grounded over ‘obscene’ stunt
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35 thoughts on “US navy pilots grounded after drawing penis in the sky

  1. Jeez people give the dude a break he was already flying and training not like he was flying just to draw that so he wasn’t wasting money he just wanted to have some fun hope y’all know most people in the navy and other branches think it’s funny, tell me why is human anatomy so offensive?not like it’s permanently there.. some young pilot just having some fun shouldn’t be grounded for some damn good flying

  2. good for them to show that liberal progressive democrat state exactly what they think of their bull!!!! good for them…..hey, looks like a cowboy hat to me…so what's the problem

  3. One woman said she felt uncomfortable explaining to her child with that was in the sky, so if he doesn't know…get creative with an explanation. Like…God is telling the world that we are [email protected] for our world leader in a creative way…

  4. They are pilots for fucks sake , who cares what they do up there , what if they have to make a message for troops one day

  5. At all the offended mommies that say they had to explain what it was to their children you lack tact just tell them it was a top hat

  6. random non existent chemtrails.
    Mabey that cloud identifies with a vagina, you homophobic abcdefghijklmop climate denied racists

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