US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship- BBC News

The US Navy has released footage of a patrol ship firing warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boat on Tuesday.

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18 thoughts on “US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship- BBC News

  1. t
    Time to start sinking Iranian ships and any Iranian anything .

    this ain't Obama their giving with ..
    loves the US and has sense enough to stay out of the Pentagon

  2. To the US army you guys do NOT control the waters and you sure as hell don't control the world so let them do what they gotta do especially if they are not even CLOSE to your home country!

  3. us is always trying to get the Iranians into a war.
    Us wars in last 50 years = 51
    Iranian wars = 1
    The aggressor is therefore ???

  4. well i mean they are called "warning shots" for a reason..I don't get why all these ppl are getting triggered by it..the Iran ship was approaching too close to the vessel..the U.S. Navy tried to communicate with them but they didn't respond and kept approaching…now what if the fuckin Iranian ship had explosives in It and was going kamikaze on the U.S. Navy vessel then it would've been another story..wouldn't it? …y'all gotta think before y'all comment your stupid BS you arrogant pieces of shit

  5. It's amazing how many people commenting have no clue of maritime law and international waters rights. Stfu you baboons.

  6. So you people who think America is being overly aggressive lets clear it up. When any ship is on a heading that will intersect with a US Navy ship ignores warnings to keep back and not to approach the next step is warning shots, if the ship continues to close the distance or attempts to block the way it gets fired on. This is even more important when those ships ignoring the warnings are military ships that have weapons. These are international waters and the Iran Military ships ignored warnings. The warning shots were an act in good faith and hope that maybe they were having radio problems. All of you acting like the US Navy was some sort of aggressor here are delusional and still will somehow see the US as villain here probably because you probably have your head filled with anti American propaganda and see the world in a overly simple perspective.

  7. where was this? off the US coast?? What is the American ship doing firing warning shots at Iranian ship so far from US waters??!

  8. There is a high amount of LIBTARDS in the comments section, remember they're doing this to insure your freedom, so STFU !

  9. idiot military, No such a shitttttty gulf your shittttty mouth dropped out is exist on the glob. For Arab's money you do sale your wives too.
    thousands years befor your country established, it has been called PERSIAN GULF. However it is a good evidence showing your bloody government doesn't respect international regulations. you have problems with Iranian regym, why are you attempting to change historical names.

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