US Marines & Army Rangers On The Ground In Syria 2017

I give you information about what is going on with US Marines and Army Rangers in Syria. Ive seen alot of inaccurate statements in the news, hopefully my insight from my time as an active duty Marine helps make things more clear.


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11 thoughts on “US Marines & Army Rangers On The Ground In Syria 2017

  1. Addresses some of the pressing issues facing Africa,Middle East today so many ISIS Russia, America politicail Danger's we are not two years old simple easy solution, l am offering insight and positive solutions for young African leaders good be smart safe U.S Army's in the Middle East, Africa countries. the essential skills required in leading individuals and organizations, whether Millarty s not solving problems, creating more actor's the optimal bad team, or maneuvering through difficult situations in the Middle East,Africa countries. It is important for us to work in unity nor only the security of the world, but world peace. However, as you know there are these refuse to understand all of the actor's name's in the world what has to be done to accomplish those always set clear one Mission at a time. l believe President Trump understands the real Danger's against freedom Syria government troops. l think national security is prority in the world. After he is finishings building his stringer administration, he will move this agenda Stop Russia,Iran, Saudia Arabia, Turkish,PKk, AL Nasru,ISIS brotherhood's organizations Assositions students in the world forward well. We will working together he will make better President Syria Children's Syria kipnap AL Nasru, Altahad brotherhood's organizations Assositions students America programs City Hall. So sorry Syria Children's but President Syria is not too bad politicail systems economy system Russia, lran, Turkish,Saudia Arabia countries. President J. Trump , l like him us should spend money money on building America, no war. Talking about the meeting with Donland Trump and l like President Trump idea of encouraging find out creating broblem and not build America our partners countries. America is freedom of speech. Get out Middle East,Africa dimplomic Russia,Iran, lsreal,Turkish, Saudia Arabia, Ehtopian. Destroy America no good your strage Bill Clinton,Bush,Obama didn't spending property way last 15 year's wrong track long time. Globazation is agreat staff after 20 year's control we can support 6 business globazation should in crease best time or worse work one specific leader can't teaching what we need to do, we must working together America didn't spending your own people the money goes wall street. With your help, children living in poverty have access to life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and job-training before they graduate. you have the incredible experience of seeing your impact firsthand. Who we are

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  2. Thank you for your insights. Can you please talk more about Yemen and do you see an eventual resolution to US involvement in the region? Also, do you feel the US ground troops in Syria will escalate into combat with Russia? Peace Now <3

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