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“US Fights for ISIS”-Former US Marine

Notice that ISIS never attacks Israel or Saudis. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Ken O’Keefe

US created ISIS to overthrow Assad.
US & Saudis say, “Assad Must Go!”

Lying US Media vs Truth in Syria

Russian Tragedy on Halloween 2015 Remembered

ISIS Trained on NATO Bases

US Boots in Syria – Oil for Europe

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  • Dojocho says:

    The Shah of Iran Was a Mi6 CIA puppet…so was ayatollah khomeini who replaced the shah….just like osama Bin laden was Mi6 CIA

  • Dojocho says:

    As former military I salute this man…well done Sir….

  • Judith Sanchez says:

    Thanks. You are right and the sad thing is not trump or Hillary the power of those devils Rothschild and gangs control both parties. Cliftons are owner by rich Jews they marry her daughter to a rich Jew. Clifton was raised as baptist but their is married to money. Trump even if wants to fight them he cannot because the powerful Zionist control USA economic. He marry his daughter to a Jew and I believe a rich one. Why they do not marry to a middle class Jew? No way they marry into the money. Many years ago I meet this Egyptian who told that there a Jew society who purpose is destroy the Roman church but I think the seeks destroy Christianity as all. Isis started the dirty work and the government Israel is behind the destruction of Christianity. The Satan must be laughing all the way. Those Zionist does not believe in Judaism. If you know some information email. Thanks 😡

  • Wayne McGillis says:

    Trump hiding.. No tweets no communication.. Trying to figure out new lies to tell Americans

  • Александр Субботин says:

    США бандиты

  • Alex Ramsey says:

    This marine is who American should pick up as a president…not a scum bag loser like Trump!!

  • Judith Sanchez says:

    Yes. Why isis never attack? Israel I working with saudis and USA anthe working machine. The only one is Russia and Iran. 😠

  • swordoftruth says:

    pulling the plug on the US debt/fake fiat economy seems the only way to end all this horror

  • Sali Said says:

    So true! Very brave from him to invite US forces to disobey the orders. Thank you for giving me hope 🙂

  • Lone Ranger says:

    How long can the U.S. keep that BS going before it bites in their own asses?

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