US Coast Guard Using Secret Floating Prisons


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24 thoughts on “US Coast Guard Using Secret Floating Prisons

  1. SOURCE :
    McCain’s Deathbed Secret Just Came Out About What He Did To Men He Was In Captivity With
    biggest traitor in Washington D.C. might be none other than Senator
    John McCain. Disturbing information continues to emerge about his direct
    ties to Muslim terrorists and the London bomber, and how he’s owned and
    funded by Saudi terrorists and George Soros. Ever since Trump got into
    office, McCain has done everything in his power to subvert the President
    of the United States, which is a federal crime. As McCain continues to
    garner the sympathy of many Americans who still falsely believe he’s a
    Vietnam “war hero,” it’s time that we finally set the record straight
    about the unbelievable things McCain did during his time in the
    military, before McCain dies and nauseating tributes are made about his
    “service” in Vietnam.

    It’s important to note that due to McCain’s
    familial ties to high ranking Naval commanders during his time in
    service (his father and grandfather were both four-star admirals), the
    majority of McCain’s massive catastrophes and scandals in the Navy were
    completely buried, and his military records sealed

  2. I mean I don't like the US but I'll give them a pat on the back here, fuck druglords. Better for the US to just shoot them on site.

  3. American Empire is evil but drug smugglers should be gunned down by cannon fire when sighted on the ocean, send in the fucking battleships at least they can be of some use.

  4. Even Drug Trafficking Organizations are under US & CIA control. The Medellin Cartel, The Shower Posse & the former AUC all had CIA ties. In the Netflix show Narcos the actor that plays the CIA agent in the show described the US's greatest fear in Latin America is having a left wing narco trafficker come to power, because they will be dealing with someone rich, powerful & Anti-American. So they try to make sure that those that control the drugs are people friendly or neutral to their interests. They would rather deal with someone like el Chapo that uses his power and wealth of personal needs, than a Taliban type who uses his drug proceeds to finance jihad. One is just a nuisance to them, the other is a national security threat.

  5. WOW!!!! Does this Crazy Ass North Korean Loving Motherfucker think that AMERICANS have a problem with what our Beloved Coast Guard is doing to Scum Bag drug dealers?

  6. 7 days without water is the maximum that any human can survive without water, specially under the hot sun. Its more humane to just shot this people on sight than let then die of thrist.

    They are the coast guard they know how long a person can survive without water at sea, they were trained for that, thats why they take so long so they cant Die of ""Natural Causes""

  7. Americans complained about the gulags while the carry out things like this….. Torture and slavery… The us needs these things to keep their empire running

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