U.S. Officials: North Korea Close to 6th Nuclear Test

North Korea may be on the verge of conducting their 6th nuclear test. According to U.S. Officials the country has placed a nuclear device in a tunnel. One America’s John Hines has more on the growing tensions in the region including why a U.S. Carrier is positioned near the Korean Peninsula.


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10 thoughts on “U.S. Officials: North Korea Close to 6th Nuclear Test

  1. Submarines are not powerful than carriers in a conventional war. To say the sub is the most powerful weapon is suggesting they will be nuking NK, and that would mean 1st use. That would make us a pariah and get global condemnation.

    The only sane thing to do is try to take out all his missile's so there is no nuclear exchange. I am sure there are subs not to far from LA, SD, SF, SA and we would need to locate them and sink them before they can launch. As well prevent Soul – Japan from being hit with nuclear missile's. If NK does get a nuc to hit anywhere then he might level the capitol. But I would not be surprised if we refrained from using nucs even if Kim does get lucky. It will then give the US the moral high ground that we eliminated the threat without nuclear weapons. There is no doubt we can neutralize NK without nucs. The question is can we do that before Kim gets a nuclear strike.

  2. There are two rogue nations in the world, America and Israel, the problem with the Americans and the Israelis is, they simply cannot talk, everything has to be solved with the use of force, the last "soft" nation America and vassal states destroyed was Libya, the problem now is the nations they want to destroy have the capability of destroying the usa as well, but the Americans still have that problem of not being able to talk, and now with trump in the Whitehouse, there is a complete nutcase at the helm that love force, so if he and the rest of the crazy's are not deposed of, most of the planet is going to die, I know people are going to say, well we have been in this situation before and nothing is going to happen, that is not true, America now is on the borders of these powerful country's threatening them, years ago America was threatening from far away, just think if the Russians invaded Canada and placed nukes and thousands of troops on the border with the usa, what would America do?

  3. We simply have to move faster than North Korea. We can do that.
    We should keep an eye on that female North Korea spokesman.
    Kim Il Sung will have her executed if her image overshadows him.
    He is a real madman and must be dealt with as quickly and
    decisively as possible.

  4. They are still in testing, and bragging because they haven't blown themselves up. They SOOOO are not ready for the sh#tstorm they're asking for.

  5. I sure hope I don't need to strap on my boots again. Way to old for this shit. Go easy Trump, that weird little NK shit stick ain't gonna do a damn thing.

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