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U.S. Navy’s New Dress Blues & Whites (2016)

White and blue crackerjacks moving forward. Men and women, E-6 and below, will be able to buy the service dress blues at the Navy Exchange in early 2016, said Capt. Janet Bristol, head of the Uniform Matters Office. The uniforms are likely to be issued to recruits beginning Oct. 1, 2016, the start of fiscal year 2017. Funding for the crackerjack whites is earmarked for fiscal 2017.

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  • Frogman Smith says:

    Jesus…leave it to the Navy to fuck up a good thing. I remember taking AWAY cracker jacks in favor of the CPO-looking dress blues for lower enlisted in the 70s. Then we had (of course) o pay to change them out. Now you are seeing the fruits of your PC-ness of putting women in the fleet with all the sexual assault. I had a friend who was the C.O. of a carrier. He said when he got back from deployment he ALWAYS had over 25% of the females pregnant & they got time off for the kid with NO replacements. It can ONLY get better, right?

  • lazyidiotofthemonth says:

    they wait until the year I leave the navy to give me a fucking zipper

  • Chris Tyson says:

    The New US Navy sucks not traditional at all!

  • Warned Gamer says:

    I play a navy game and its great lakes and im a petty officer second class im NETC also

  • jesse foulk says:

    Im out of the service now but I really like the new look of the dress whites with the piping on the back. I was hoping they'd change the bland white ones we've had. The dress whites never felt the same compared to the dress blues due to the piping. I wish I had stayed in to see this happen while I was in. The zipper addition…..well….I never had a problem to desire something like that. Overall I like it.

  • Phoenix& Brothers says:

    Someone help me out here. Somewhere during the video, this guy states that e-8 is the most difficult rank to make. Aren't Navy enlisted personal pay grades addressed as "rates" and officer's are "ranks"? Can someone explain this to me?


    It's a God Damn shame America's heros pay for uniforms.
    Unacceptable in every possible way.

  • Christian Fabrizio says:

    he has my last name. lol. 20161206.

  • semperneoeon says:

    Why is the thumbnail of US Marines?

  • Horatio Hornblower says:

    Anyone else think that the crackerjacks really unprofessional and outdated? (Not to mention ugly).

  • Zachary Blattenberg says:

    The zipper is tacky

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