On April 14, 2018, the Virginia-class fast attack submarine USS John Warner (SSN 785) launched tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea as part of a multi-national strike operation against the Syrian government in order to degrade the Syrian government’s capability to produce and utilize chemical weapons. The submarine’s operations in the Mediterranean Sea are part of a routine deployment in support of our regional allies and partners and U.S. national security interests.


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17 thoughts on “U.S. Navy Submarine Launches Tomahawk Missile

  1. We noticed some discussion among commenters about our weapons deployment. The U.S., France, and the U.K. deployed 105 weapons against three Syrian chemical weapons program targets. All of these missiles reached their target. Syrian air defense did not have any impact on the operations. There is no indication that Russian air-defense systems were employed.

  2. Слишком долго раскачиваетесь! Давно, пора прицелиться на Кремль и пульнуть!!! Где ваши генералы?

  3. It is a clear support to their terrorist organizations blaming Syrian government without evidence is very embarrassing the international credibility of USA is spread over the ground that's what USA government is doing while Russian credibility is growing over the world. USA are trying to destroy Russia credibility but they are doing the opposite. USA can't continue under British government orders we need a real independence from United Kingdom.

  4. Ah yes, freedom bombs. There to destroy civilian research institutes and housing. This war only benefits the rich and is putting us on the brink of WW3. No one can even trace the attck back to Assad. They lied about Yugoslavia. They lied about Vietnam. They lied about Iraq. They lied about Libya. And now they're lying about Syria! Hands off Syria!

  5. Anyone who objects to us helping the Syrian civilians can best be described as indifferent. AKA…the type of person who hears a murder happening down the street and just turns up the volume on their TV. God bless our Navy, President, and America.

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