U.S. Navy ship collides with Japanese vessel; injuries reported

The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Japanese merchant ship off the coast of Japan Friday afternoon. The Fitzgerald made a distress call, and it appears there are injuries. David Martin reports.

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16 thoughts on “U.S. Navy ship collides with Japanese vessel; injuries reported

  1. After being ran over by a cargo ship I think the Fitzgerald held his own. He may have been limping along but he was still a float. Prayers for the lost and injured.

  2. Next stop Chittagong, Bangladesh for ship breaking. That's where the entire fascist US empire belongs, on the scrap heap of history.

  3. If that's how a US destroyer looks like after being hit by a container vessel, wait until the salvo of Chinese anti-ship missiles is incoming. That will roast the fascist Yankees within fractions of a second.

  4. The Destroyer can go up to 35 knots while that kind of cargo ship can only go up to 18-20 knots..hmmmmm its seems the Destroyer tried to cross track of that moving cargo ship which may have resulted to having a starboard damaged

  5. Time manipulation like Al Bielek did it at Long Island. It seems someone had a higher version of 'hypertime'…which is existing.

  6. so they Call it * Warr Ship * ,
    & it Can't See a Huge Ship Comming to Ram Them ,.
    thats Show How Prepaire is the US for a Warr ,..
    GOD Forbit they Dont Try a Stupid Thing with the North Kore Cos it Will Be People Whos Gone Pay the Price ,.

  7. Satellite navigation. Detection system. If these woodpeckers can't a civil vessel to leave, how are they going to fight? O_o

  8. The cargo ship is 3 times the size of the destroyer, and way less manoeuvrable. I believe in nautical law, little ship gives way to big ship.

  9. With due respect, these ships are supposed to stop an onslaught of North Korean torpedoes and missiles, but they can't avoid a collision with another ship?

  10. 'collides with Japanese vessel' is misinformation.
    USS Fitzgerald was collides with Philippine-flagged container ship "ACX CRYSTAL".
    It is not a Japanese ship.

  11. 7 sailors are missing and others injured smh. Wtf!!!Why did that Phillipines flag flying monstrosity, ACX Crystal, hit our U.S.S. in the side?? How can you miss a huge destroyer? And hit it in the side?? That ACX Crystal, needs to be detained for questioning. They change flags like underwear. This is not good!

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