HN VIDEO: Two 10-year-olds thought they saw submerged body… police drone and firefighters search Wequaquet Lake…

CENTERVILLE – Police and firefighters searched an area of Wequaquet Lake earlier this evening after two 10-year-old boys thought they saw a submerged body while they were out kayaking earlier in the day. They told one of their fathers and that’s when police and firefighters got involved, some time after the initial sighting.

As you will see and hear in the following HN Video, a police drone located a submerged object a short distance from the public beach on Shoot Flying Hill Road. Firefighters closed in on the location and found a half submerged “pelican buoy,” but no body…

According to Captain Morrison of the COMM FD, it was getting dark and they wouldn’t have been able stay out searching the water too much longer. But police did confirm the location and object with the boys and it’s possible they mistook the submerged buoy for a dead body.

Police are logging the incident as suspicious and it’s likely they will conduct an additional search tomorrow during daylight hours.


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