TSA Agents Humiliate Wounded Marine


TSA agents aggressively searched a wounded marine, causing outrage among senses of decency everywhere.
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43 thoughts on “TSA Agents Humiliate Wounded Marine

  1. Security over individual rights that's known as a Police State or Dictatorship. People's Republic of America coming soon to country near you.

  2. For anyone with government authority to search your person,or possessions in a public space.
    They need to have reasonable suspicion,and or probable cause that you have committed a crime,or are about to commit a crime.
    The airline as a public entity has the right to do the search passengers as they see fit,using their own employees.
    They don't however have the right to use tax payer funded law enforcement to do their bidding,and violate citizens rights.

  3. I don't know what's worse, the T.S.A or the T.O.Y (Two Of You).
    When u post a video headed "TSA Agents Humiliate Wounded Marine" people expect to see the actual video of what happened…. not a 3 minute video of you 2 talking about it

  4. Sometimes life can be so cruel..this girl is very beautiful but has a horrible voice..she sounds like a rooster having an orgasm

  5. A couple of years back TSA asked me how a got citizenship and why i took long enter back to the United States of America. It was a horrible experience.

  6. THEY HAVE FOUND NOYHING! IN 11 YRS nothing that could be used in a terrorist attacks which is what they are supposed to be looking for . YES they found other stupid stuff but basicly they were human errors NOTHING WITH INTENT! Now you compare this with their over reaching bully techniques sexual assault evasion of privacy? false arrests lack of knowledge of their own policies AND THE COST OF EVERY LAWSUIT of which there are many.
    Is this program actully a benefit towards our safety?

  7. The TSA opened my case at some point coming home from Las Vegas when it was on its way with the rest of the checked luggage. I had one of those TSA notices in it. Nothing was missing, but I got to complement the agent that did the inspection. I had literally shoved all my dirty cloths in that case and pretty much jumped on it to get it closed. Whoever inspected it had everything folded up and packed nicely, probably in an attempt to get the case closed again.

  8. AHHHHHHH, was just looking through random videos and having random stuff come up on autoplay and then I saw ELLIOT AND LEE :)))))))))), I miss sourcefed so much dude. I know this comment's probably never going to be seen or get any replies because it's on some random three-year-old video, but still I miss them being together and stuff. RIP SOURCEFED AND ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE THAT WERE ONCE ON IT.

  9. TSA are pussies. They have the safe security job. This marine put his life on the line for THEM. And they treat him like that..

  10. TSA made me put my newborn baby on a chair while I take my sweater off even though I didn't have anyone holding the baby. He told me I will get arrested if I don't so I put my newborn on a chair while guarding him with one leg while I take my sweater off and my son almost fell off the chair and TSA could give a f***

  11. its like they think terrorists only target airplanes. i bet u can walk onto a subway or train with half an arsenal in ur ….. well …… arse-nal.

  12. It's all a dog and pony show. Meanwhile, the world is laughing at us. The TSA need to be phased out and replaced by civilian security personnel.

  13. when you take items you suspect of being a bomb, and place them in a trash can right at the check point you are alledgedly protecting. Yes the tsa has a collective IQ of -200.

  14. How's tourism in the US these days? After seeing so many of these TSA videos I'd be afraid of breaking into a sweat on arrival and Christ knows how they'd react to that.

  15. It would be incredibly humiliating, but I'd want to make a big deal of it, of getting up, falling and slowly having to drag myself to my wheelchair whilst sobbing

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