Trump’s shifting views on stock market highs

As President, Donald Trump is quick to tout record highs in stocks. But as a candidate, Trump repeatedly warned of an inflated market “bubble.”


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9 thoughts on “Trump’s shifting views on stock market highs

  1. So which one is it Donny? Is it still a buble or what? It's either 1 or the other, you utter moron.
    Either it was good under Obama and it's good now, or it was a buble under Obama and still continues to be a bubble.
    Oh wait, it has nothing to do with the reality. When Obama was president, unemployment numbers were fake.
    When Trump gets in to office, he touts those same unemployment numbers. Just the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

  2. All the jobs that might even be made aare going to be all corporations and monopolies so basicly the rich will get mors rich while the middle-poor will stay fucked bush did the exact same shit than the outcome was the stock colaps?? HISTORY repeats its self just remember that

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