Trump Fan Banned From Marines After Rally

Earlier this week a mob of Donald Trump supporters pushed and threw out a young African-American girl from a rally. It was a very disturbing scene. There are now new developments. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“White supremacists and other Donald Trump supporters could face charges for altercations that broke out during a Kentucky campaign rally — but so could protesters.

Video showed a white nationalist leader shoving and screaming at a black woman who protested the Republican presidential candidate’s rally Tuesday at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville.

Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Youth Network,admits he was involved in an altercation with a black woman who he said was screaming obscenities and creating a disturbance, but he denied the woman’s claims that he used racial slurs.

One of the protesters, Henry Brousseau, filed a police report alleging that he was punched in the stomach by a woman in Heimbach’s group for shouting “Black Lives Matter,” reported the Courier-Journal.”*

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46 thoughts on “Trump Fan Banned From Marines After Rally

  1. It would have been better if they knocked her out cold. She was being very disrespectful, and disturbing the peace. She deserved way worse than a little pushing.

  2. Love the fact that the old Navy Vet was shoving and proding a women. Nice a lot of respect shown by somebody that is supposed to have protected our right.

  3. The Marines acted somewhat prematurely. They should have taught him a lesson,in boot camp, let real men teach him what being a marine is about, then dishonorable discharged him, with the welts to boot.

  4. So my fellow veterans removing their fellow citizens for exercising their constitutional right to protest? Guess they forgot about the oath they took.

  5. How do you get booted from marines? Isn't the military the worst case scenario, basically tied with prison depending on your personality?

  6. That is what less than half of all voters wanted for the leader of the free world. Come on people you're better than that. Further if there are any Trump people still backing him ,I have one question,WHY? Tell me why and what Trump has done for the country? You've got nothing, he has been an absolute bust I'd argue he has hurt the US far more than anything he has done positive for us.

  7. Old orange coward. Mango why don't you try and get ME to leave some place. But it's just you and me. Let's see how tough this chunky old draft-dodger is.

  8. American politics is an embarrassment where there are no experts with degrees in sociology where economy is so massive and confusing government should be a science based on economic origins to agricultural despotism in forage occupation transfers as physical medium extensions.. the bible is stupid if read in a literal context so what defines authority to a moral standard where capitalism is so much perversion in social distortion to inequalities.. "You Load sixteen tons what do you get"

  9. Trump need to be charged & arrested! She should of had a taser & taser everyone that touched her yellow belly orange punks!!

  10. Jesus Christ all this coming from a man who prides himself in being born into a country that murdered 3,000,000 people in Armenia. "we would have lynched them" yeah maybe before trumps parents were born.

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