To Counter Chinese Indian Navy to Purchase Hundreds of Anti Ship Missiles

To Counter Chinese Indian Navy to Purchase Hundreds of Anti-Ship Missiles

The global tender is to be issued during first half of 2018. Several global firms are already in talks with Indian defense companies for manufacturing anti-ship missiles.

The Indian Navy has formally started the process of acquiring anti-ship missiles which can hit a target at medium range. On Tuesday, the Indian Navy issued requests to the global vendors inviting their interests in supplying approximately 270 combat, 40 practice, 10 training, six dummy and four cut section medium range anti-ship missiles and 24 systems for fitment onboard ships. India intends to soon finalize the deal with a global missile manufacturer willing to offer transfer of technology so that such missiles can be manufactured under the ‘Make in India’ program.

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8 thoughts on “To Counter Chinese Indian Navy to Purchase Hundreds of Anti Ship Missiles

  1. Look up Brahmos on Wikipedia , the first sentence will tell you it is "short ranged" missile. MF-Star radar from Israel can only see 250km. Chinese missiles can see 400km and hit thousands of kms like US, Russia. Indians can only buy watered down export 2nd rate stuff on the market. Even Saudi Arabia spends more money on defence than India.

  2. How much does India need to spend on the military weapons? In order just to invade in the territory of China, India needs to purchase the military weapons to counter China but China relies on its own armament which is much cheaper and reliable. Doklam is a part of China, Truly , obviously, Doklam is a useless land for India. It is a useless land for China. The longer the Indian troops stayed , the more burden India had to bear. China does not needs to do anything but awaits the withdrawal from India. China is well prepared militarily and economically. But India is not ready to counter China in military and economy. The Indian people are in poverty and need to improve the standard of living whereas the Chinese people is better living and working. The foreign reserves of China accounted for $ 3 trillions while India has just $ 400 B. China invested in other countries of more than $ 1 trillion while India has a few millions. China' s domestic infrastructure is fully stretched throughout the country such as : rails , roads, high way, electricity, high speed rail, modern cities, as well as the rail connection to Europe , Russia and Britain.

  3. Why is the Indian government looking to purchase missiles and obtain technology from elsewhere when they have the worlds best missile technology? Doesn't make sense….

  4. Most india under poverty, no toilets. But india still cut it's nose to spite it face by mision to mars and willing to spend billions small foriegn state Bhutan & forsake its own people especially the northern states 7 sisters. Will naive Bhutan be discard after being rape by india and become 8th sisters state of India who are filthy and can even afford a toilet for its own people.? Bhutan by snuggling to india deceiving courtship will regret from an independent SHANGRI LA to a vessal state.

  5. 70 children were dying hahaha let them die wooo keep buying ,India govt is the most corrupted no money to pay hospital bills.

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