Thousands welcome Britain’s biggest warship arriving at Portsmouth

Thousands descended on Portsmouth, on Wednesday, to welcome the arrival of the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier and the UK’s largest warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier, which cost GBP 3 billion (EUR 3.29 billion/USD 3.86 billion) and requires a 700 person crew, returns to Portsmouth’s harbour for the first time, where it will remain as it undergoes tests until 2020.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the only aircraft carrier built with F35 jets in mind, giving Britain’s Royal Navy an unparalleled advantage.

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21 thoughts on “Thousands welcome Britain’s biggest warship arriving at Portsmouth

  1. more weapons of destruction yes very proud ( idiots ! ) ark royal with a refit would be cheaper and sorting our NHS problem out!

  2. Isolating itself from its neighbours, anti non national opinion rampant; militarising like this, violating the NPT with upgrades to nuclear weapon systems. Dark days ahead for the UK…

  3. Trying to pinpoint the ideology of this comment section is like trying to have a meaningful conversation with an antifa member, incredibly difficult.

  4. Vivement des exercices QE2 vs CDG, cela sera très intéressant !! … mais il va falloir être patients.

  5. All these expensive toys that will probably never be used. If there is any sort of big war in the future it probably wouldn't last long enough to use them.

  6. Be prepared to see jealous Europeans/Russians in the comments that have either zero carriers or in Russias case, 1 rust Soviet era bucket machine

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