This new 3D printing technology by Carbon 3d looks like science fiction. But it’s entirely real. Vox’s Joseph Stromberg explains. For more on how it works:

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26 thoughts on “This new type of 3D printing was inspired by Terminator 2

  1. FormLabs a company 3 years older than this one has been doing the same thing and they are even selling it publicly. No new technology here.

  2. New type my ass, SLA's were one of the first printers used (The concept was around in the 70's and was put into commercial use in the mid 80's). So no it's not "new" and it was not inspired by "terminator 2".

  3. "New" As of 1984 when Alain Le Méhauté, Olivier de Witte, and Jean Claude André of French General Electric invented stereolithography.

  4. >claiming technology that's been available since the 80's is cutting edge
    >comparing build times of minutes and hours between two very different small and large objects
    >not factoring in strength or cost-effectiveness

  5. Had this idea for a good 2 years but to busy master bating to hentai

    Realised this is older than 2 years so I'll just say I had this idea in 1980

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