The United States Navy Just Made a TRAGIC Announcement

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The United States Navy Just Made a TRAGIC Announcement

The US Navy has revealed terrible news regarding a tragic plane crash this week.

According to The Daily Mail, a C-2A Greyhound cargo plane crashed into the Philippine Sea while en route to the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier. Though eight of the passengers were safely recovered, three were not.

The fate of these three missing sailors was unknown as Japanese and US military conducted a thorough search of the area after recovering the eight who were said to be in good condition. Today, the Navy said the search for the three missing servicemembers has ended, though they aren’t stating why.

According to the Navy’s 7th Fleet, information regarding these three individuals is being kept from the public until next of kin can be notified regarding their status. Though entirely speculative, it is assumed that they would not have kept the matter from the public if there was good news in the situation.

In a statement, Rear Adm. Marc Dalton said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with our lost shipmates and their families. As difficult as this is, we are thankful for the rapid and effective response that led to the rescue of eight of our shipmates, and I appreciate the professionalism and dedication shown by all who participated in the search efforts.”

It’s also unclear, at this time, what the cause of the accident was, be it mechanical failures or pilot error. No doubt, the Navy is heavily invested in determining the cause of the crash.

The Cargo plane crashed 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa, Japan. It had been carrying much-needed supplies to the USS Ronald Reagan. The Reagan is in the area collaborating with the Japanese Navy in joint exercises. It’s also believed to be a show of force and a defensive measure against North Korea’s recent hostility.

This crash also marks the third tragedy to befall the 7th Fleet this year. A total of 17 sailors have been killed in two ship collisions resulting in the dismissal of eight high ranking Naval officers, including the 7th Fleet’s commander.

In August the USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore, causing the death of 10 US sailors. In June, the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship near Japan resulting in the deaths of seven sailors.

According to the Navy, both collisions had been preventable and it’s believed that improper training, poor stress management, and lack of sleep may have been to blame for the accidents in both cases.

Currently, the USS Fitzgerald is en route to the port of Pascagoula, Mississippi to receive additional repairs as a result of its collision. Given the tension in the area due to North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile and nuclear arms tests, the absence of this ship is concerning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the three sailors whose fate is currently unknown. Their service and the service of other men and women in the US military is greatly appreciated and their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

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5 thoughts on “The United States Navy Just Made a TRAGIC Announcement

  1. I SURE hope THEIR electronics are better, shielded NOW. They will get THEIR asses kicked, if it don't…those little, EMP GENERATORS ARE A REAL BITCH….

  2. Is there a possibility Obama had all our military equipment compromised before leaving office? Yes I believe he is that evil. Could it even be a possibility? Can someone in the know how with military equipment answer this question? TY

  3. Our NAVY has had so many accidents and failures this year it is unacceptable!! Lives lost due to human error not to mention the maga cost of equipment damaged or destroyed requires extreme training mandates as well as enforcement of all requirements. 7th fleet is now an embarrassment.

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