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Franky Zapata uses a flyboard to zoom in and out of the water and leap through the air. Looks pretty incredible. Who else wants to try to this out? Report by Jeremy Barnes.

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48 thoughts on “The dolphin jetpack that lets you swim like one

  1. I saw this in a music video one time, i don't know the name of it anymore…. Someone knows it? (No darude sandstorm pls)

  2. Pretty cool, but it has absolutely nothing to do with how dolphins swim, and they certainly wouldn't let you come anywhere near them with this thing. Why do they bother making the association at all? The dolphin bunk is a waste of viewer time and video space.

  3. The thing they don't show you is what is on the other end of that hose attached to the back.  I think you have to have a jet ski follow you around and it's motor provides the power?  None of these vids explain how it works.  It's still cool of course, but what would be amazing is if it were self-contained.

  4. I would like to see this done while the person is wearing a gopro camera & helmet/ filming the event with a gopro!   as larry the cable guy would say;   git R done!

  5. +Dorian Belaski Dude, he aks about the unit of the  like Euro, omg… u think this thing has a weight of 4000 pounds? LOL Listen first before u break off some product…

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