The Astute Class Submarine: The Biggest Threat to the Russian Navy?

HMS Astute entered service in August 2010, some nine years after being laid down. It was followed by HMS Ambush in 2013 and HMS Artful in 2016. HMS Audacious should enter service later this year, with Anson, Agamemnon and Ajax following at two-year intervals. Still, the Astutes represent a step back from a numerical perspective. From 1993 until 2004, the Royal Navy operated five Swiftsure-class SSNs and seven Trafalgars. The Swiftsures began to leave service in 2004, leaving the Trafalgars and the Astutes, which began to come into service in 2010. But the RN decided to retire the Trafalgars because of excessive hull wear beginning in 2009. Three of the boats remain in service, but by 2022 the Astutes will be the only nuclear attack submarines serving in the RN. In effect, the Royal Navy has gone from having a force of twelve SSNs to a force of seven SSNs, notwithstanding the greater size and capabilities of the Astutes.

The Astutes are the largest SSNs ever operated by the Royal Navy, half again as large as the Trafalgar class. At 7,700 tons, they are roughly the same size as the U.S. Navy’s Virginia-class boats

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23 thoughts on “The Astute Class Submarine: The Biggest Threat to the Russian Navy?

  1. The best nuclear attack class submarine in the World by a country mile with unbelievably sophisticated radar and detection systems make this the most feared beast under the sea. It's such a shame that we don't have more of them, if the tight arsed government would release more funds for the defence budget ( which I think they should as the World is more dangerous now than even in the Cold War), we would have the capability to defend ourselves and our Allies more effectively.

  2. Lol recently two russian kilo submarines tracked HMS astute in the mediterranean, at any time they could have sunk, astute was unable to shake off the kilos, it's a noisy sub and inferior to russian subs.

  3. British media claim one of their own subs tucked tail and ran like a scolded dog from the Russians during the Syrian bombing raids…problem is I don’t trust British media, their not only a born liar but they take themselves far too seriously, and that’s where they fail.

  4. No need to spend all this money just get some of them Somali pirates they could sneak up on that coal burning piece of crap aircraft carrier easily

  5. We need more than 7 astute class like more type 45 destroyers and type 26 frigates, and type 31e frigates, along with a new helicopter carrier after HMS Oceans decomissioning

  6. The Astute Class Submarine is not a threat to the Russian navy, it is a threat to the whole of Russia's Army, Navy, Air force and civilian population and surrounding countries for the next 80 years,
    Duck you suckers!.

  7. As soon they will solve the engine reliability… Maybe.
    For now, RNavy relly exclusively on the french Rubis class when it comes to have credibility during international exercises.

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