Tensions heat up between former Cold War rivals

Russia says they’ll target U.S. planes in Syria after U.S. shoots down Syrian jet


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49 thoughts on “Tensions heat up between former Cold War rivals

  1. The U.S is ILLEGALLY in Syria you Zionist piece of scum. No you're nothing but garbage Zionist slaves, congratulations fuck wits.

  2. Tensions invented and pushed by the U.S to do the bidding of their Zionist owners, you yanks just love being slaves to Zionist Israel.

  3. Russian forces were officially invited by the legitimate government of Syria. It's the American forces who ought to be in America and not in Syria.

  4. Russian forces were invited into Syria. US was not. Fly where we want? International airspace, yes. Sovereign territory, not w/o a declaration of war and that's for Congress to decide via support from the American people. I don't think America wants to invade Syria.

  5. Completely ignoring the fact US is invading and attacking a sovereign country… this is how media works. Destroy reality

  6. Its the Democrats who are fueling the tension between Russia and the U.S. He is not a globalist so they have to make him look like an enemy. They had to admit he did not affect our election, they had to admit he did not collude with our President. They just keep throwing up distractions and hate to keep your eye off their crimes.

  7. So much about hope I had Trump will change things and make anti-ISIS alliance with Putin 🙁
    Unfortunately, Washington DC is filled with swamp creatures like Bolton whose job is to make sure US war machine keeps draining tax payers money for next 100 years. It is also clear that their ultimate goal is Iran.

  8. This is exactly what the Democrats want, war with Russia. Well hopefully, they will be caught in the fallout, pun intended.

  9. @1:28 Bolton: It's not for Russia to tell us where to fly. It's for Israel to tell us to tell Russia where to fly.
    MSM Zio-Shill: Absolutely
    Bibi: Very good my bitches. Now come here and get your Doggy Treat. Good boys. Sit, sit!

  10. The USA is now reduced to being Israel's Proxy Army.
    Domestically and Economically we're a combination of Battered Wife and Tax Slave to Jewish Supremacy's Politically Correct, Multicultural Police State. So the next time anyone from the MSM talks about our "Democracy" just laugh in their face.

  11. This guy is in full retard mode. Russia was invited by the recognized Syrian Government. The U.S. Military is an illega invading rogue state. America neds to follow international law. I guess we can not expect anything less than fake news from FOX

  12. Putin is yanking on Trump's chain. What's Trump going to do about it? Nothing. He's too afraid of what Putin has on him.

  13. Just get out of there. Russians and Syrians will deal with IS and Al-Qaeda. We waste trillions of dollars by first creating terrorist groups to force regime change and then trying to destroy them. We are 20 trillion in debt, for God's sake!

  14. Typical fox news. The host says "Russia created this rule…." as if they were not invited by legit government and as if they should not defend their troops and their allies and just be simply bombed. Bolton says: "We will fly where ever we want to fly…" as if Syria is just another US territory and there is no international law or border to abide with. They act as if the UN is dead. And all that inside in a sovereign country called Syria which is 6000 miles away from our own borders. hmm interesting. What is next? Have a nuclear exchange with Russia in defense of isis in Syria? We started the war in 2015 to fight against isis and in 2017 we ended up being isis air force?? hmm Interesting.

  15. I'm a big Trump fan, but he should be concentrating on the Islamic State, and not messing around with Assad.

  16. Two morons say we should antagonize Russia. All these chicken hawks should be given a rifle and sent into one of our many war zones to put their money where their mouth is.

  17. But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.
    Ephesians 5:3‭-‬4

  18. What you don't understand Bolton is that the best course of action is to talk like human beings. Even though its something you're not capable of, the vast majority of us are.

  19. fox needs to stop giving this war mongering piece of shit an outlet to propagate this anti Russia narrative

  20. I like trump and america, and the western world, but European Union and NATO is evil. i like russia to would be nice to see russia and america to be friends, or atleast get along for world peace but it seems very risky for americans to bomb Russian backed soldiers. Its me a man from europe that getting those fucking refugees in here cuz of more war. also europe is going to be muslim ghetto soon

  21. And its not for us to tell Russia where to fly you deepstate Luciferians. Stop the USA aggression. What is USA purpose there?

  22. YOu are getting the Heat Now ??? Its been already 2 years i think … And no I dont even want to talk about it to Fox News …

  23. maybe I'm niave but I don't see Russia as the major threat. I think the Democratics want this and are the ones behind it

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