Taiwan’s Navy First Domestically Built Missile Warship

Taiwan’s naval capabilities just received an upgrade, as the island nation launched its largest missile ship ever on Tuesday. Named Tuo Chiang (or Tuo River), the 500-ton stealth missile corvette is also Taiwan’s first domestically produced warship. The ship has been equipped with anti-ship capabilities, and Taiwanese officials have described it as being Asia’s most capable war vessel.

Defense Minister Yen Ming presided over the opening ceremony of Tuo Chiang in Su-ao, Yilan County, a major port town in northeastern Taiwan. “During our initial testing, the vessel’s speed not only met the requirement but far exceeded our expectations.” Yen said at the ceremony. “This has made it the fastest and most powerful warship in Asia.”

The vessel costs about NT$2.1 billion (US$66.2 million), measures 198 feet long and 46 feet wide, has a range of 2,000 nautical miles (2,300 miles) and carries a crew of 41. The Tuo Chiang’s first captain, Lt. Cmdr. Wang Te-chien, told the media that the ship was originally designed to have a top speed of 38 knots (43 mph), but the ship managed to achieve a maximum speed of 44 knots (50 mph) in recent sea trials.


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16 thoughts on “Taiwan’s Navy First Domestically Built Missile Warship

  1. The design of the ship is certainly efficient and very progressive. The weapon also pretty hard core. But I wish Taiwan would improve the radio electronic for this ship. Perhaps combination of Fregat MAE 4 and bass tilt fire control radar. Or better yet. Sea giraffe 1a with Ceros FCR

  2. Awesome! It just got one kill, it's missile successfully hit a Taiwan fishing boat and killed the captain! What a shoooooot!The fish boat didn't sink BTW.

  3. That's a nice-looking ship. Clean, modern, looks capable. Nice 76mm gun on the nose, and with no less than sixteen anti-ship missiles, including the latest supersonic variant. Very fast at over 40 knots, too. A handful of these would be ideal to dart out of port and lob a saturation missile attack at any incoming seaborn invasion force.

  4. Reading the description, the fact that they said this was "Asia's most capable war vessel" and the "most powerful warship in Asia" obviously shows they're bragging about it and making it look tough when it's actually weak.

  5. I am glad to see my country of Taiwan is self sufficient in developing its own military crafts and armaments. This will make Taiwan less dependent on imports.

  6. It has some interesting technology, though you can only expect so much from an Island Nation that size.

    The real problem is that this isn't happening in a vacuum, what you are seeing is the re-militarization of the Pacific. All these countries, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, they know America isn't going to be there for them, so they are Preparing to take care of Business for themselves.

    To do that they have to hit above their weight class and that means they are going to continue developing new technology and not necessarily sharing it with their fair-weather-friends in America.

  7. Wow…what a big missile ship…I wonder inside of the ship. CIC, and bedroom…
    Your navy have a nice stealth design ship.
    I wonder the ship's spec.

  8. Taiwan cannot build ships correctly. This tojang ship had roll problems while the recent 20000 ton support ship has a very big design mistake-its bolbous bow which does exactly the opposite what such a thing is supposed to do,thus greatly increasing drag. 

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