Swimming pool water turns sunscreen into CANCER CHEMICALS on your skin

New research conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University finds that sunscreen ingredients are transformed into cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to chlorine in swimming pool water. In effect, suncreen plus chlorinated swimming pool water is a kind of “binary weapon” that produces cancer-causing chemicals right on your skin as you are swimming.

The chemicals created in this process have been linked to infertility, cancer and immune system damage.


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25 thoughts on “Swimming pool water turns sunscreen into CANCER CHEMICALS on your skin

  1. To avoid sunburn do not stay in the sun longer tha 20 minutes per session, around midday.

    You can have more than one session a day with few hours in between sun exposure sessions.

  2. Ok, sunscreen and pool chlorine is bad. However, please provide real concrete data that sunscreen is killing coral reefs???!!! There are hundreds of trillions of gallons of ocean water near a coral reef with tides, how can the minuscule amount of sunscreen possibly affect the coral reefs? Sounds like BS to me. Provide proof HR.

  3. Wow, I am 37 and have my second case of squamous cell carcinoma. I've already had a portion of my left ear removed at UVA hospital. Now I'm looking at a second surgery. Would I have a claim to a law suit over these new found truths?

  4. How about going back to Europe..?

    Maybe you folks skin don't belong in this part of the world.?

    Maybe Europe has better sun or lack of sun?

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