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CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Nearly half a dozen iPhone 8 Plus owners from around the world have seen their devices cracking and swelling.

The swelling in these cases reportedly occurs while the iPhone 8 Plus’s lithium-ion battery is charging. Apple says it is investigating the problem and is in possession of one of the damaged phones.

Five iPhone 8 Plus owners in Canada, Greece, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong have reported similar issues, reported mobile news website BGR.

According to Apple news site MacRumors, it’s common for a small number of devices out of the millions made to have some battery issues.

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30 thoughts on “Swelling iPhone 8 battery problems reported around the globe – TomoNews

  1. iPhone is shit. My brother's 6s just stopped working. It won't even turn on anymore. Same thing happened to my cousin's 6s. I moved over to the LG G6, and i'm not regretting it.

  2. china ATL battery (japs TDK company) –>note7 and iPhone8 used..

    iPhone X–>samsungSDI.LG ennotec.

    iPhone 8 & iPhone 8+ —>japan TDK

  3. Hahahaha final nail in the coffin, already the new iphone proved to be a big failure but this is just next level…

  4. seems thousand Dollar Emoji machine doesn't just only keep you faces but also has the American Physical Standards of having diabetis

  5. Wrong, think about the times you were having a ton of fun, do you use your phone when you had a ton of fun?, and when you are sad or boring you most likely thing about using your phone.

  6. I fucking hate Samsung overrated bubble company who grew by copying blatantly apple
    Product I can't believe how stupid people are they use marketing expense 8 Time more than
    Apple does and this is what they do I will never support or purchase a product who steal
    Original ideas from other companies and pretend it is theirs Samsung paid fake commenter
    To promote im Korea Taiwan USA etc One of their phone got ban from all the airport
    Causing network problem or risk of blowing up..

  7. Carma is a bitch. Apple. Of course some of us may remember apples exploding iphones too. It just wasn't as big of a deal because apple decided not to take responsibility and did nothing about it

  8. I had the same problem with my lipo/lio rc aircraft batts, its from over heating the battery and charging when hot

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