Sulfur dioxide from eruption creating vog, possible acidic rain

All of that sulfur dioxide is creating another hazard for residents. We’re talking about vog and the possibility of acid rain, and it can effect people far beyond the evacuation zone.


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13 thoughts on “Sulfur dioxide from eruption creating vog, possible acidic rain

  1. im experiencing headaches, shortness of breath, vertigo, easily fatigued and today traces of blood in nasal cavity….I think this is far worse than they (the authorities) are telling us….imagine that

  2. For those that are unaware, Sulfer Dioxide is the chemical component in human fart gas that makes it stink. Also, its used in the food industry as a preservative for things like dehydrated fruit. So just remember the next time you want that dry fruit fix, someone ripped a big one to protect your snack. True story.

  3. ….. We are getting brilliant orange sunsets on Vancouver Island because of the airborne ash from Kilauea! All the Hawaii minded tourists ought to come to Vancouver Island instead! And yes: – we have palm trees and beautiful sandy beaches too. They even sell pineapples in the local grocery stores! 😁

  4. Just say it: the acid is sulfuric acid used in lead-acid batteries when SO2 mixes with water and sunlight in the atmosphere. Acid concentration depends on how much SO2 reacts to make H2SO4. PH test strips dipped in water, rain drops can detect this acid level Neutral PH is 7.5 and acid in a battery is about 1.5…….extremely strong. Less that 7.5 is becoming acidic. Breathing in SO2 besides being a bad gas mixes with mucus, water in mouth, nose and lung tissues and begins to makes this acid.
    Read up, ask and be safe!!

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