Straphanger gets burned saving fallen woman from electrified NYC subway

THE BRONX, NEW YORK — A woman in the Bronx escaped near death thanks to the heroism of some good samaritans.

On July 19 around 10:40 a.m., 48-year-old Martina Pamplin was walking with her cane when she somehow fell off the platform. Victoria Owusu-Afriyie, a registered nurse, saw the woman fall and instinctively jumped down onto the subway track to help her. But when she went to grab Pamplin, electricity surged through her. Pamplin had fallen on the electrified third rail of the subway, and there was no way to help her.

Straphangers on the platform rushed to get the power turned off. Some tried to call 9-1-1, while others prayed. Once the power was turned off, an NYPD officer and two other good samaritans carefully hopped onto the subway tracks and were able to lift the unconscious woman to safety.

Martina Pamplin was rushed to hospital and her condition remains unknown.

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21 thoughts on “Straphanger gets burned saving fallen woman from electrified NYC subway

  1. The 2nd woman may have been brave but she was also completely stupid, any 5 year old could have told her why you don't tough someone that has a strong electrical current passing through their body.

  2. It is terrible the way people here are making fun of those who pray!! And then they use profanity while making their comments! Maybe if you guys prayed more you would understand why it's wrong to use profanity!

  3. The video says, "some people went to get help while others prayed." It didn't mention whether they were Christians or if they refused to help.

    It's amazing to see how many people hate to see others praying. These are the same people who claim to be open-minded and call for peace.

  4. lol wtf " they needed the power turned off, so "some called 911, and some prayed". Shit i wonder which one got the power turned off its hard to tell.

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