Signals Detected from Missing Argentina Submarine – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Signals have been detected from the missing Argentine sub that hasn’t been heard from since Wednesday. The submarine, the ARA San Juan, attempted to send seven signals today, but these satellite calls failed and didn’t go through. The ship is traveling with 44 crew members. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the search for the missing Argentina submarine.

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45 thoughts on “Signals Detected from Missing Argentina Submarine – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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  3. What a pity!!! Please are we sure if the calls are from the Argentine missing submarine through the the acclaimed satellite is real?

  4. Enemy or not … we submarine sailors are all Brothers …. Hope they find them and well …. Good on you Brits for offering to help … DBF

  5. The Sub was nosing around the port Stanley and was taken to task by Brit Nuclear sub. Their all dead. The sat calls are automated.

  6. If tracking illegal fishing vessels the sub and screws could have been caught up in the fishing net rendering the sub inoperable. If sub is ensnared in nets the beacons that are released to the surface those beacons cannot ,obviously make it to the surface

  7. The Kursk was Hit by a Torpedo fired from a sub monitoring the exercises. The torpedo can punch a hole in the hull rather than explode.

  8. the problem is there is a sort of cul-de-sac for satellite connections in that area, because of earth magnetism, even the ISS has some problem in that area.

  9. Dude the epirb is making the call not the crew
    Epirb are designed to run off of 432mhz or 243 MHz. Depending on the maker of the epirb plz put the right info out

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