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Sheriff details history of teens killed in stolen-car crash

The Pinellas County sheriff detailed the series of events that led up to a violent crash that killed three teenagers in a stolen car over the weekend.

According to investigators, the teens involved — ranging in ages from 14 to 18 — have extensive criminal histories and have been arrested a combined 126 times. Most of them had just been released from the juvenile detention center this year.


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  • Just Mike says:

    Arrested over a hundred times…… Mom says he was a good kid…

  • Ralph Echols says:

    Standard media commentary: thugs get killed and "our thoughts and prayers go out to the families."

  • Burt says:

    Silly little pricks serves em right!

  • jenntip says:

    Damn…that's right around the corner from my gym. Can't act like an ignorant ass and expect nothing to happen..

  • Juan Trump says:

    If all "teens"-committing-grand-theft stories ended this way, we should start leaving cars running with the doors open in the middle of the hood. A few thousand dollars for a used car and a couple body bags vs. millions for court, incarceration, probation/parole, work release, etc etc. 126 arrests, these "teens" probably already racked up a million. All for what, so they could die doing the exact same thing.

  • Damerricka Pressley says:

    Fuck you pussy ass nigga a bout my cuss

  • Jim Kaddell says:

    It didnt JUST HAPPEN 126 times!

  • AverageLuke says:

    This was funny 😂. Teens turn off headlights and floored it. Hmm R.I.P 💀☠️

  • bluedaughter says:

    I do feel for the families that lost loved ones however the step mother that said it was senseless and then something about it 'just happened', well I agree that it was senseless but it didn't 'just happen', these kids stole vehicles on purpose.

  • anonymous says:

    how tragic the person got their car stolen but on the bright side it crashed and as the newscaster said at 2:07 they were throwed from it , what a great and humorous story

  • NutKracker215 says:

    LMFAO, good kid that fell into the wrong crowd. Hope they were all three alive when the vehicle went up in flames, hell's gonna be a lot hotter lol.

  • James Dean says:

    Such a waste of life… So many counts of grand theft! System seems so worthless. Stack the murders on Campbell. You cant control people as fucked up as that! Better dead in my opinion. Maybe the others will quit…. Doubt it lol.

  • Bigfatdave Bigfatdave says:

    Think of the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that will not have to be spent incarcerating and prosecuting these turds. Taxpayer victory!

  • DFS43 says:

    Good riddance.

  • HeyAinokea says:

    That's one way to stop them from stealing other people stuffs lol… DON'T Rest In Peace !!!!

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