SHARK versus US Coast Guard – who will blink?

This wasn’t a fight we wanted, but the US Coast Guard decided to shill for the cormorant killers in the US Department of Agriculture, and we weren’t going to take their harassment anymore.

Wildlife Services, the USDA group responsible for the cormorant slaughter, has since collapsed the colony with their bloodthirsty ineptitude.

Shame on the US Coast Guard for siding with and shilling for those who are destroying some the country’s most beautiful wildlife and the environment.

You can watch more about the cormorant slaughter here:


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36 thoughts on “SHARK versus US Coast Guard – who will blink?

  1. The Coast Guard is just doing their job. I'm assuming that you don't have an actual job, considering that you sit in a boat all day complaining and protesting. I know it's well within your rights to protest, but you shouldn't disobey a federal agent, such as a Coast guardsman, simply because you are upset that animals are being killed. The 500 meter perimeter is meant for the safety of the crew on the boat and the crew of yours. Just think before you talk next time.

  2. Ok so if 1 boat is sitting dead in the water and another boat approaches the coastguard will arrest the first boat because the second boat calls the CG that is crap specially since the second boat is killing wildlife only in america

  3. These f'in SHARK guys. The Coast Guard just told you, the 500 yard radius is around the USDA boat. Not you. When the USDA boat moves, you move the fuck out of the way. You have zero authority in the matter. Knock that chip off your shoulder. The audacity of you people.

  4. there's people starving around the world and our states and our government are letting people kill innocent creatures for pleasure instead of food who's right and who's wrong there's people who would happily go out there and do that to eat the creatures you're killing to keep food in their belly why are you paying these people to do it or let these people do it for fun when other people have to pay for hunting license tags and everything else all way down to boat license boat taxes life jackets instead of food to feed somebody big government controlling the people.

  5. some of you people are fucking idiots!! rather you support the movement of Shark or not…the Coast Guard has a job to do… and that job is to protect the rights of the Shark movement.. as long as they were following the laws that were laid out to them, then the shooters need to fuck off! Coast Guard can't just take the shooters word for it..

  6. Hahaha!! we do the same thing when Jacksonville Div. ventures to far out to challenge us lol. -Savannah, GA. GOD I MISS THOSE DAYS!!!!

  7. I'd rather sink to the bottom before I raised the coast guard and id rather be arm robbed and shit before I call the cops as well they can also go to hell I don't trust Any of em anymore I used to but they long ago screwed that pooch

  8. Coast guard is just another way to police everything in the world fuck that shit they can go eat a fuckin dick quick goddamn Navy rejects

  9. He shouldn't threaten him but he has made a good point that if they are moving closer to him he doesn't have to move if he comes in on them he does, otherwise he doesn't.

  10. Dude, YOU ARE A DICK.! I do hope one day you need there help,and they just don't get to you and your entire family SINKS into Davey Jones Locker.!! Stay safe Ya PUNK.!

  11. I like what you guys are doing – thankless public service in the name of protecting wildlife. Ignore the others here who think four-letter words are a form of expression and who are otherwise clueless.

    You got MY kindness, respect, and perhaps even a few dollars to continue your work. It takes balls to stand up to uniformed, armed authoritarian emissaries of the federal government and tell them they're wrong and to back off.

  12. Makes sense, otherwise, they could sheepdog away all boats anywhere. However, a little sugar goes a long way. I know you have been abused by the law officers, but you must treat every new person with a clean slate approach. it is easy to escalate but not de-escalate.

  13. Your gonna threaten the "coast guard," that's just hilarious, your a little dick prick and fuck'en moron..I'm so sure they are frighten of you, ssssssoooooooooooo funny!!! WELL DONE COAST GUARD, WELL DONE!!!

  14. That's all those Coast Guards get?  An itty bitty Tonka Toy fishing boat?  I've seen fish dookie larger than that boat!

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