Senate lawmakers grill Navy

Angry lawmakers directed tough questions at the Navy’s top officer Admiral John Richardson; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon


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13 thoughts on “Senate lawmakers grill Navy

  1. How MANY people are on 1 destroyer??? Not enough for running 1 ship? Total morons. A tanker has less then 1/10th of their number and sails fine. And it seems faster then USA "destroyers" …

  2. Damn right. 100 hour work weeks has and is NORMAL! in the Navy. And a decade later, you get out with nothing but stories for your efforts! Better look into Obama's era standards compromise too. If the CNO is a hold over Than he too needs to go!

  3. All talk no action politicians but when the unexpected happens Now is when they wana fix the issues bitch please am glad Trump keeps firing them regardless of their title it's a fuckig job do it well or get fired

  4. This pisses me off so much. I am sick and tire of these stupid Congressmen trying to fix problems AFTER bad things happen. We need a higher military budget, more modernized equipment, fewer social justice programs, and (most importantly) Congress needs to stop obstructing the military.

  5. Navy went ?

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  6. Funny, (sarcasm), that Congress is grilling a flag staff officer about multiple ship collisions, with 17 priceless sailors lost. And this Congress is asking how this happened. Well, it happened because of Budget Sequestration from the Congress. The Senator needs to look in the mirror.

  7. not enough people in the Navy, especially in the position to train and certify ships at sea. Now they're proclaiming no watches of
    5 or more hours??? Anyone ever hear of submarines?? Impossible. Time for a FULL reboot and reimagination of the nautical workday and that's assuming working fewer hours is the issue.

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