Search for missing Argentine submarines enter ‘critical stage’

Russia is the latest country to join the international hunt for ARA San Juan…

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6 thoughts on “Search for missing Argentine submarines enter ‘critical stage’

  1. Battery 3 failed resulting in a fire, shortly after, an explosion that severly damaged the underside of hull were the batteries sit, the vessel sinks rapidly, hits the bottom, then 1 Min 20 Seconds later after the first mechanical failure an attempt at blowing the ballast tanks to reach the surface is made, it fails to help get the ship to the surface because the water is getting in way to fast from the compromised hull but the ballast tank did release it's compressed air.

    The transponder boi should have released itself in either the vessel sinking beneath crushing depth or catastrophic failure, it clearly hasn't, so that failed too besides a plethora of redundancy systems in the submarine before the battery failure that caused this "accident".

    Now I've heard that the doors that hold these emergency transponder boi's are sometimes welded shut because there seems to be a problem with them releasing when they shouldn't,….is that true ?

    Anyway, nothing in the data supports either an anti-submarine mine or enemy torpedo was in play, too bad ey tinfoil hats ;-).

  2. Horrible thing to have happened to these brave men I hope for the best and thoughts to the families from Virginia USA.

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