Search continues for 7 US Navy sailors after collision

Navy ship collided with container ship off the coast of Japan


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23 thoughts on “Search continues for 7 US Navy sailors after collision

  1. The Captain's statement before the collision: “I look forward to being with my Fitzgerald family in support of future missions and exercises. This is the best ship and the best crew on the waterfront, hands down!” said Benson, according to the release. “I am proud to work alongside the Navy’s best and brightest men and women who protect and support the Pacific region and our allies.”

  2. No one was watching radar? No one saw it from the deck or the captain's bridge? No early warning systems were triggered? I mean, wtf is going on here? If a big ass cargo ship can ram a Navy destroyer without being detected, we've got some real fucking problems. Get it together. This shit is a fucking embarrassment. Thank God it wasn't a bomb-laden zodiac inflatable cuz these bozos would've been at the bottom of the sea.

    God bless America 🙂

  3. I pray for those sailors. It's been way too long for them to have survived at sea, though. The person at fault with have to pay. What an inglorious way to lose a child or sibling.

  4. Guaranteed a whole other story behind this cause how the fuck do 2 big ass ships not see each other?? Especially a US Navy ship. Wtf??

  5. How did the Japanese cargo vessel not detect the destroyer? It's like neither ship had technology or lookouts. Crazy……

  6. Hope those missing are well and located soon. For the accident, it's a shame…getting hit by rocket or torpedo is one thing but for a sophisticated vessel to be involved in this type of accident… someone should have assumed command at some point.

  7. WOW, they have all the technology on-board to catch drug runners , man- made sub full off drugs , can pick them up for miles & surveillance them , but can't see a Huge Japanese container ship ?? , eh ok

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