Sea Shepherd surrendered to Japan

On Sea Shepherd’s global webpage (see link below), Criminal Cosplay Watson wrote a commentary dated August 27, 2017 titled “The Whale Wars Continue.” The criminal is hallucinating again.

In this rambling commentary he announced his cult group (Sea Shepherd) will no longer pursue the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean. Of course being an out of control extreme liberal unrepentant criminal he blames the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States. How come he did not blame the Russians?

In addition to blaming the nations mentioned, he offered the following worthless excuses:

– Employing military surveillance.
– They can easily avoid us
– We could not physically close the gap

“Employing military surveillance:” The Japanese had this ability during previous whaling seasons and Sea Shepherd was not deterred by it.

“They can easily avoid us:” Really? How come previous seasons their attempts to avoid Sea Shepherd was neutralized when Sea Shepherd employed their helicopter and fearsome drone?

“We could not physical close the gap:” This past whaling season Sea Shepherd did close the gap when they located the whaling fleet using their helicopter. They even photographed the whaling factory ship.

They found the whalers then immediately sailed to Australian waters leaving the Japanese whaling fleet to capture their whale quota. What Sea Shepherd and Criminal Cosplay Watson are hiding is when they located the whaling fleet they observed a Japanese military presence. That created fear in the cowards causing them to escape back to Australia.

What happened to their boasting “We will forfeit our lives to save a whale?” Sure they are disposable and willing to forfeit their lives, but not willing to have their fifteen million dollar vessel the Ocean Warrior being captured. That thought caused the bullies to sail away in fear and refusing to return.

The Criminal wrote: “We need to formulate this new plan and we will.” Yeah that new plan must include him wearing his cosplay costume and writing one of his fearsome poems.

Of course criminal cosplay Watson ended with the usual bumper-sticker logic:

“….the Ocean dies and when the Ocean dies, we all die!”

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his surrender:

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18 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd surrendered to Japan

  1. Japan doesn't have military. Sea Shepard is dealt with by Japan Coast Guard, not even Self Defense Force. This literally 'Howl of underdog'.

  2. << First of all, I would like to offer our deepest condolences and sympathy to the victims of the disastrous flood in American.>>

    Sharks drum lines essential to save lives, says Federal Government

    Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has ordered an urgent study into whether a ­recent increase in shark attacks is linked to a booming population of whales in Australian waters…………………………

  3. I would guess that the Japanese Government made it known to someone, most likely the Australian Government, that after the pounding inflicted on their fleet in the last season where the SSCS Ships made contact with them in the Southern Oceans, they were now willing to send their Coast Guard, if not the Maritime Self-Defense Force, to protect their ships.

    This would explain the SSCS hanging back more than any other possible factor, in my opinion. Not only would the SSCS not want to face that kind of escort, most likely aiming to do a stop and board on the cause of the SSCS violating a Maritime Court Order, as well as to protect Japanese ships, but Australia really would not want to deal with the Japanese sending armed forces down there, even Law Enforcement ships like those of the Japanese Coast Guard. There are a whole bunch of reasons that Australia would pass the word to the SSCS to back off. As the SSCS badly needs Australian ports, and has played to the Australian audience and political leadership, SSCS is really beholden to the Australian Government in several areas.

    So my guess is that the Japanese Government informed the Australian Government that sending Japanese Coast Guard ships to the Southern Ocean, or sending something even heavier, was now on the table as an option, and the Australian Government then told the SSCS to back off.

  4. In Norway we harvest Minke whales to eat because they taste great.
    "The whales are my clients" – Paul McFatso Croissant Watson
    "The whales are my dinner" – Ade Larsen

  5. These people you call garbage are men and women who volunteer at their own risk to save endangered ocean species while people like you sit at your desk with your hand in your pants. Sea Shepard not only aborted the mission because of upgraded location techniques enforced by the Japanese, but also the newly instituted naval support by the Japanese navy that are now granted to use military force on the sea Shepard if it continues to disrupt the whaling vessels of Japan's fleet. Moral of the story, do not put a video on the internet that contest political ideology if you haven't done your research.

  6. @Tony Marano Correction SS Claimed that the Japanese government is using a Satellite to locate SS and pass information to the whaler. comment were by your dear friend P. Watson.

  7. I think it is more simple, they ran out of money.
    Maybe the donators realized that they are just a bunch of terrorists losers…

  8. Sea Shepherds are made up of volunteers who are fighting for conservation of our natural resources unlike Japanese David Irving Tony whose name will be inscribed as hero and god at the Yasukuni war criminal shrine. Tony's scamming of the Japanese David Irvings and Jpn Neo Nazis earned him that right to be enshrined.

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