S. Korean Navy kicks off Dokdo defense drill

軍, 15∼16일 정례 독도방어훈련…함정 7척 투입

South Korea’s Navy kicked off a drill on Thursday aimed at defending the country’s easternmost islets of Dokdo.
The drill is strongly opposed by Japan, which claims falsely that the islets belong to it.
Kim Hyun-bin reports.
According to a Navy official, the drills that began Thursday are an effort to defend Dokdo from possible aggression by outside forces.
That’s an apparent reference to Japan, which claims, wrongfully, that it holds sovereignty over the islets.
The warships involved in the two-day exercise include a 32-hundred-ton Gwanggaeto the Great-class destroyer and six other naval ships.
The coast guard as well as F-15k fighter jets and P-3 surveillance planes are also taking part.
On the islets themselves, marine units are conducting a landing drill.


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3 thoughts on “S. Korean Navy kicks off Dokdo defense drill

  1. The Japanese Navy with the best in the World version F35 fighter jets could put the South Korean Navy into the ground or in other words destroy them and sink the South Korean ship under water.

    I believe that day will come when Shimene prefecture police kicks them out in a way the Japanese government has a project to send their first Japanese Navy ship into the Americas called Takeshima in that case you will the Japanese Navy ship called Takeshima passing through the Panama Canal, but in that case if the Japanese Navy faces the Colombian Navy it might be impossible for the Colombian Navy to defeat the Japanese Navy and I believe no one could go against the Japan Navy not even Colombia if a deal if returning Takeshima takes place with San Andres just in case except for the US Navy.

    Probably they might come up with the San Andres Deal and if that deal is signed in Hague then Korean residents will begin to be kicked out of Takeshima and probably people in San Andres Island born their should be aware of changing nationality to give out Nicaragua passports.

    Anyway Japan might get involved with the Colombian elections as they say as what Russia has done in the 2016 US elections for president it will seems that Japan wants to get their territory back.

    In a way anywhere you slice it.


    After all the Japanese Navy vs the Colombian Navy will be a match if Japan protects a territory from Nicaragua as an interesting thought come in mind against the Takeshima warship.

  2. "South Korean Navy says it has ever right to conduct a drill on its on land". Interesting logic. So I guess the Japanese can say, The Prime Mister has every right to visit Yasukuni Shrine since its on Japanese Land?

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