Russia’s Ship Sinks Near Turkey

Russia loses a ship near turkey by accident no fatalities reported.
Prime Minister Netanyahu releases a video proving that the Palestinians incite violence against Jews.


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17 thoughts on “Russia’s Ship Sinks Near Turkey

  1. Another example of the religion of peace, spoken by the "angel of peace", Abbas! (The Pope called Abbas an angel of peace! ) How can anyone call Islam a religion of peace? It's more like a political group, teaching hate and murder! These are the people whom the world expects to force Israel into accepting into their midst! What would be the result? Pushing Israel into the sea, as they have stated is their goal!

  2. Undiluted Evil.. Evilness at its fullest! Lord have mercy on these children..they have been bewitched indoctrinated by the Evil one, on a daily ritualistic brainwashing program.
    Anyone thinking this is okay, is in partnership with Satan himself.

  3. Perhaps Netanyahoo and the Zionists should beat the Palestinian children until their morale improves. That's worked so well with the children's parents.

  4. We are all awful people, and will be judged by the almighty, there is and was no person born perfect other than one. I can show a video of grown Israeli IDF committing atrocious crimes against innocents, as can the Israelis about the Arabs. You are all fooled into murdering one another, bu the same synagogue and it is the one he spoke about. Wake up fools it is not fear of judgement from your peers that you should worry about, nor how many subscribers you have. God bless you all. Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever. Wake up.

  5. Abbas is the right-hand man of the Pope. His rhetoric and threats are completely ignored by the UN. Let Israel teach or speak like this and the ramifications would be horrendous. What hypocrisy. It shows the absolute spiritual nature of the world we live in and what prince is currently ruling the air.

  6. I heard that the ship was carrying live stock or at least that's what we are getting told here in the US. It breaks my heart to hear children repeating such vile things. How very, very sad to twist these little ones….the devil loves to destroy innocence.

  7. The Palestinians wouldn't be teaching this mind frame to their kids if Israelis wouldn't treat them like unhuman animals, killing them without a reason or because they're Palestinian, or removing them from their homes, or sieging their food. Palestinians are teaching this to their children out of fear for their children so they may survive the presence of Isrealis, I don't agree with this teaching but if I lived in a place where we're being killed and treated like animals I'd teach my kids to survive and fight back against wrong doers of humanity. I agree that peace among people is the best way to live, but, what chance do the Palestinians have when they're being killed and unfairness towards them, lack of peace teaches lack of peace, peace and respect for life teaches peace and respect for life, it goes both ways. Too much wrong being done to them so they're angry hungry and scared. Hope peace come to all. I don't practice any religion or bible it cause division of humanity. Humans are universal brothers and sisters from the universe and stars, love and light to all, peace.

  8. have been doing some research on the 2 witness.. they're not real people only symbols.. like majority of the bible. still learning no beast with 7 heads?

  9. Erev tov b'Ahavah Achi Ahuvi! Toda raba! ×millions : Baruch Hashem! &….
    1Tim Ch1 for both of you-s! xoxo

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